Shanghai Trip Report – Sightseeing in Shanghai

Sightseeing in Shanghai Shanghai Introduction

Sightseeing in Shanghai – 

This week I am traveling to Shanghai for a mileage run vacation.

Shanghai Trip Report – Introduction

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Shanghai Trip Report – Sightseeing in Shanghai

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Shanghai Trip Report – Sightseeing in Shanghai

Hyatt - Room view 2

During the day on Saturday I went for a long walk along the river and went to a couple parks and a market.

The walkway along the river with busy with activity and there were lots of tourists and locals taking pictures along the water as well as the skyline. You could see the two large building from across the water and the walkway offered excellent views.
















I walked for about two miles down before turning back. It was very humid during the walk. Also there was a haze in the air which made it slightly uncomfortable. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the walk and was able to take in some of the sites.

Walkway along the river

One of the parks featured some statues as well as a wooded area that you could walk through. It was a pretty area and I enjoyed walking through it.




Peacock statue



























I walked in a shopping area and was bombarded with people trying to talk to me and wanting me to buy fake watches. The guys were holding pieces of paper with pictures of the watches on them. I wasn’t interested in one so I tried to ignore the people as best as I could.

Chinese Decoration

Shopping Market





























I have read about scams for tourists such as someone saying they want to practice their English with you and then walking somewhere and getting charged a huge price. I did not encounter any of those scams while I was walking around.

I plan on having a good Chinese dinner and I found a recommended restaurant so I am excited to try that.

I did not take part in any organized tour as I tend to enjoy exploring on my own. A lot of people near the water were lined up to go on a river cruise. There appeared to be multiple companies offering the tours.

One thing that I noticed was that selfie sticks are really popular in Shanghai. They were being sold at every tourist place I saw and people had them everywhere.

In the evening I visited the top floor bar at my hotel where I was able to take in the city and see the various lights. It was an incredible view and the pictures don’t do it justice.

Shanghai - Nighttime view Shanghai - nighttime view 3 Shanghai - Nighttime view 2

Overall I enjoyed my day walking around and found the city to be clean.  All along the river there were police walking around and the area was well lit and I felt safe at all times.