Guest Trip Report – Singapore Mileage Run – Delta – Detroit to Tokyo


Colin, a fellow miles and points enthusiast is writing a guest post on a trip report of a Singapore Mileage Run.

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Guest Trip Report – Singapore Mileage Run – Delta – Singapore to Tokyo

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Guest Trip Report – Singapore Mileage Run – Delta – Detroit to Tokyo

Date: December 5, 2015

Flight: Delta 275

From: Detroit – DTW

To: Tokyo – NRT

Aircraft: 747-400

Seat: 4K

















In the past when I’ve done this run I do the direct JFK-NRT, but as Delta is slowly phasing out the 747s, I figured this was a chance to try to fly one in DeltaOne before they are gone, and as one of the last routes flown by them is out of DTW I routed through there. I had hoped to get the upper deck but wound up in 4k instead on the main deck. Rows 1-6 are unique in that they are in the nose of the plane, so the bulkhead curves, allowing the window seats (A, K) a somewhat forward facing view out the window.

I boarded and took my seat, 4K. The seats on the 747 are easily my favorite, plenty of space, ample leg room, nice storage and the smaller cabins seem much more private.


























The pillow and blanket on the seat, there is a nice table on the side with some nuts and delta slippers, as well as a little cubby on the side to store the amenity kit. Below it is a standard AC outlet and USB charging outlet, as well as the headphone jacks for the AVOD.



















































I was greeted and given the menu and offered a choice of juice, champagne, or a mimosa, I took the champagne.


















































The menu offers two main meal selections on this route, the ‘Western’ selection as well as a Japanese selection. When the purser asked me for my choice unfortunately they were out of the Japanese as they only stock a few (they recommend you request beforehand online). As I had waited to be the last to board in hopes of snagging a seat on the upper deck, everyone else had already picked their meals including the last Japanese selection.
































































































Shortly after getting up in the air the flight attendants brought out the first course, cold smoked salmon which I found quite good, however the bread was incredibly stale.


























Followed by the winter green salad and stout beer onion soup (which was very very good!).
















Followed by the main course, I had selected the chicken, which was quite nice as well.
















This was followed by the desert course of a chocolate lava cake, which I enjoyed with a glass of port.


























About halfway into the flight they served the mid-flight snack, I had opted for the antipasto plate, which wasn’t anything spectacular.


























I slept for a couple more hours until the pre-arrival meal, I had opted for the pork curry. Which, while it didn’t look like much, was surprisingly enjoyable.
















The cabin was prepared for landing, while the attendants brought through warm towels again for us to freshen up. The decent and landing into Tokyo Narita was smooth and we were to our gate quickly.

Overall the flight was great, the seats on the 747 are easily my favorite. The size of the cabin makes it feel very private, the in-flight Wi-Fi is a godsend, able to surf and text the entire flight.

I unfortunately was a bit too tired to document any of the flight from Tokyo to Singapore, having run into a friend and his fiancé in the SkyClub in Tokyo. We spent most of the time chatting and so I boarded super late and just took my seat. The flight was quite uneventful. The menu was virtually identical to the return flight I detail further down