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Shanghai Trip – Hyatt Regency DFW Airport

I reIShanghai Hyatt Regency DFW Airport –

I returned to Shanghai for my second visit and have put together the following trip report:

Shanghai Trip Report – Hyatt Regency DFW Airport

I arrived at terminal D at DFW airport. The Hyatt Regency DFW Airport was located in terminal C. I located the airport terminal link bus to travel to the other terminal so that I could check in.

The bus ride took a while as the bus went from D to B to A to C.

Upon arrival at terminal C, I followed the signs and walked through the parking lot to the Hyatt Regency.

Upon arrival in the lobby, I noticed that it was busy with activity. There were a lot of cancellations that evening due to the weather and the hotel setup an amenity table in front of the reception desk with toiletries and water available for guests.

I approached the front desk and there were four colleagues present and five other guests were waiting. When one of the colleagues finished assisting another guest they invited me to the desk.

When I reached the desk, the colleague welcomed me to the hotel. I provided my identification card and credit card. The colleague thanked me, used my name and she confirmed the details of the stay. The colleague thanked me for being a Diamond member and she offered an amenity. The colleague offered a late check out. She also provided two letters from the hotel as well as a pre-made key card packet for room 1340. The colleague informed me where to go for the elevator and she offered additional assistance. After I declined she wished me a good day.

I utilized the elevator and located the room. I attempted to open the door; however, both keys did not function. The red light on the door illuminated each time.

I returned to the front desk and another colleague greeted me. I informed her about the situation and she said she was sorry and issued new keys.

I returned to the room and the same issue occurred. While I was attempting to open the door I overheard voices from inside the room.

I returned to the desk and informed the colleague that the key did not work. I also mentioned that it sounded like there were voices in the room. I confirmed the room number. The colleague confirmed my name and she apologized and said that was the wrong room number. The room number had been written on the key card packet.

The colleague informed me that the room was actually 1362. The colleague created a new key card packet, apologized again and she wished me a good night.

I took the elevator up to the room again and this time located room 1362. The keys functioned accurately and I opened the door without issue.

The room was a standard king size bed room that featured a sitting area near the window, desk with computer chair and chair across from the bed. The room was clean and it was decorated neatly.

The bathroom contained a medium sized vanity with a shower and bath rub combination as well as a toilet. The room was clean.

The linens in the bathroom and on the bed were clean. The amenities included soap, lotion, shampoo and conditioner. No body wash was provided in the room.

The room was quiet throughout the stay and the bed was comfortable.

It did not appear that the hotel had a lounge and the colleagues did not notify my about it. There were two notes from the hotel when I arrived. One thanking me for being a Diamond member and welcomed me to the hotel. The other letter encouraged me to explore the hotel food and beverage venues and I was given a 20% coupon.

My flight was departing at 7:15 AM so I got up around 5:00 AM.

I received an email offering express check out. I clicked through the links and after I entered my room number, the charges were previewed and I was offered to check out. I clicked the button and it thanked me and said I was checked out. I left my key in the key card packet near the front entrance and I received the folio via email.

The express check out process was easy to use.

I walked back through the parking lot and to the terminal.

Summary –

It was a bit frustrating having to visit the front desk two times in order to get a key that worked. I realize that mistakes happen; however, it was unfortunate that the colleague did not catch the wrong room number being given on the first visit to the desk. I was a bit surprised that the hotel did not offer a lounge. The room was otherwise clean and comfortable.

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