American Airlines Dallas Fort Worth Honolulu

American Airlines Dallas Fort Worth Honolulu

American Airlines Dallas Fort Worth Honolulu

This report covers a flight on American Airlines Dallas Honolulu.

American Airlines Dallas Fort Worth Honolulu

Trip Details

Date: January 19, 2017

Flight: American 137

From: Dallas Fort Worth – DFW

To: Honolulu – HNL

Aircraft: 772

Seat: 15C

Ground Experience

My wife and I arrived at the D terminal of the Dallas Fort Worth Airport and approached the American check in area. We utilized a kiosk to check our bags. After placing our tags on the bags, we waited for about five minutes for an agent to accept the bags. The agent was polite and wished us a good flight.

We were only provided boarding passes for the American flight and not the connecting flight to Maui on Hawaiian airlines.

We cleared security within five minutes utilizing Pre-check.

Gate Area

We arrived at the gate area a few minutes before the scheduled boarding time. The gate area had a lot of people standing around waiting.

American Airlines Dallas Fort Worth Honolulu

After about 15 minutes, an announcement was made that the aircraft was being serviced.

The delay lasted about 30 minutes and the flight departure time was eventually adjusted by 30 minutes.

My wife received an upgrade to business class for the flight about a day before departure so we joined the line together when business class was invited to board.

After waiting about five minutes in line, we reached the front of the line and the gate agent processed our boarding passes and wished us a good flight.

The flight attendants greeted us at the door and directed us to our respective seats on the airplane.


My seat was an aisle seat in the front of the economy cabin in the Main Cabin Extra Section.

American Airlines Dallas Fort Worth Honolulu

The 777-200 aircraft was updated and the seat offered seatback video screens, power ports including USB and AC.

American Airlines Dallas Fort Worth Honolulu

The seat was a standard economy seat with a decent amount of legroom and recline on the internationally configured aircraft.

The touch screen functioned without issue and it was easy to utilize. The audio and video quality was good.

Live TV was available on a few news channels along with 100’s of movies and television shows. There were selections available from everyone.


Boarding lasted about 35 minutes. The flight left the gate about 35 minutes later than the scheduled departure time due to the brief delay.

The flight attendants prepared the cabin for departure and the Captain also made an announcement about the flight.

After about a 10-minute taxi, the plane lifted off.

In Flight Experience

The flight attendants offered a meal selection within about 35 minutes after taking off.

The options were either a chicken or veggie wrap followed by a selection of beverages. I requested the veggie wrap, Coke, and water.

The food was served in a pre-packaged disposable box with an island theme.

American Airlines Dallas Fort Worth Honolulu

The meal included a package of Hawaiian chips, the wrap and a chocolate nut and berry mix.

American Airlines Dallas Fort Worth Honolulu

The wrap was served fresh and it included a variety of vegetables on a slightly dry bread. The chips were fresh and the chocolate nut mix was excellent.

The lunch items were picked up about 30 minutes later.

After a couple hours in flight, the lights were dimmed and the mood lighting was set to blue so that guests could sleep.

An additional beverage service was offered about halfway through the flight.

American Airlines Dallas Fort Worth Honolulu

Water, juice and light snacks were available at a station near the galley at the back of the airplane throughout the flight.

Flight Attendants

The flight attendants were polite. They seemed happy to assist guests then they had questions and they provided efficient service. The flight attendants provided a full can to everyone who requested soda.

The flight attendants were noted to circulate the cabin from time to time.


About 30 minutes before landing, the Captain made announcements on the arrival. He pointed out when we were over Maui and one other island so that guests could look out the window to see them.

The plane landed about 10 minutes later than the scheduled time. There was a taxi to the gate and then we had to wait for an additional five to 10 minutes before the gate became available.

The flight attendants thanked the passengers as we departed.

American Airlines Dallas Fort Worth HonoluluAmerican Airlines Dallas Fort Worth Honolulu


It was nice getting to experience an updated 777-200 aircraft on American. The addition of the seatback video, power ports, WiFi and Main Cabin Extra was a tremendous improvement over the previous version of the aircraft. It was nice having a meal served on the flight as they previously were not offered on Hawaii flights in economy. The flight attendants were friendly and the flight was good overall.

  • Wifi!! I hope AA offers that on the DFW to OGG routes soon! 😉