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Awesome Views Delta Airlines Atlanta Santo Domingo

Delta Airlines Atlanta Santo Domingo

This post is Awesome Views Delta Airlines Atlanta Santo Domingo. It is about my experience flying Delta to the Dominican Republic for a Mission Trip.

The article is part of my Dominican Republic Mission Trip Report which focuses on the flights, lounges and overall experience on my way and back from the Mission Trip.


Trip Summary

Date: July 22, 2017

Flight: Delta

From: Atlanta – ATL

To: Santo Domingo – SDQ

Aircraft: 757

Seat: 6D

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Atlanta Connection

My incoming flight in Atlanta arrived in the A Terminal and the departing flight Delta Airlines Atlanta Santo Domingo left from the E terminal.

The group utilized the train to move between the terminals.


I received an upgrade on the Atlanta to Santo Domingo flight at the gate at boarding time.

Gate Area

The group arrived at the gate area well into the boarding process on the flight.

We took a group photographer before boarding.

Once the picture was complete, we joined the line and the gate agent reviewed our passports and scanned the boarding passes.

When I reached the front of the line, the agent printed the upgraded boarding pass and he informed me of my new seat assignment. The agent thanked me and wished me a good flight.


Once on the plane, I got to turn left on the 757 aircraft to locate my seat in the first class cabin.

It is a nice touch that Delta uses door 2 on the 757. It is something that American Airlines rarely does so it is always a nice feeling when you get to turn left to go into the smaller first class cabin.

I located my seat and got comfortable before the flight.

The flight attendants offered a pre-departure beverage. I requested orange juice.

The orange juice was fresh and it had a good flavor.

Boarding continued for about 10 minutes before the door was closed. The flight attendants prepared the cabin for take off.

During that process, the flight attendants asked what I wanted to drink as well as if I wanted a chicken sandwich for lunch.

There was a 15 minute taxi before the plane was up in the air.


The aircraft was an older 757 that lacked power ports, USB and seatback entertainment.


The plane featured overhead video. WiFi was available while the plane was over the continental United States.


The seats were an older style first class seat.

The best feature of the seat was the large armrest. The seat felt larger than on some of the more modern aircraft.

In Flight Experience

Once the plane was at a cruising altitude, the flight attendants provided a hot towel service.

The towel was hot and it had a pleasant scent.

A few minutes later, the towels were picked up.

Another flight attendant provided a placemat.

The drinks were served about five minutes later.

I ordered and received a Coca-Cola. The soda was served over ice in a clean glass and it had a good taste.

The lunch was served about five minutes later.

The lunch was a hot chicken sandwich on toasted bread with cheese. The sandwich was served with a pasta salad on the side as well as a dessert. In addition, a pickle was served next to the sandwich. The tray was setup neatly.

The chicken sandwich was fresh and it had a good flavor. The portion size was large. The cheese was melted and it was creamy and had a good taste. The pickle was crispy and it had a good taste.

I didn’t sample the salad or the dessert, however, they both looked fresh.

After I finished the meal, the flight attendants asked if I wanted another drink. After I declined, they thanked me and they removed the tray.

The flight attendants circulated the cabin and they offered additional beverages to the guests.

I watched a movie using the Delta Studio via GoGo. The movie video quality was good and the image was crisp and it was displayed without issue.

View from the plane

I was seated near the window and the weather was good so there were great opportunities to look out and see the world go by.

We traveled over the shore in Florida, which offered some excellent views of the beach and ocean.

In addition, the plane made its way south over the Bahamas, which also offered some amazing views.

The pictures from up in the air did not do the view justice. Looking out the window, I saw blue, green, turquoise and other shades of blue along with the tiny islands of the Bahamas. it was an enjoyable experience.


As we approached the Dominican Republic on Delta Airlines Atlanta Santo Domingo the plane made its way closer to the ground.

The flight attendants prepared the cabin or landing and they thanked the passengers.

The plane traveled along the shore prior to landing.

Once the plane was on the ground, there was a short taxi to the gate.

As I departed the plane, the flight attendants thanked us sincerely and wished us a good day.

The mission team met just outside the jetway before proceeding through immigration and customs.

Immigration and Customs

The flight attendants handed out the immigration and customs paperwork during the flight.

The Dominican Republic has a $10 fee per-person when you arrive at the airport. You can either pay in advance online and speed through the checkpoint, or you can pay cash in person.

The group did not handle the process online, so we had about an hour wait while we joined a long line to pay the fee.

Once we completed the payment, we proceeded to immigration. The process was efficient and we provided passports and had to give fingerprints.

The bags were all available upon exiting immigration.

A Delta rep checked out baggage tags before allowing us to leave the airport.

In total, the immigration and customs process lasted about one hour and 20 minutes.


The Delta Airlines Atlanta Santo Domingo flight was enjoyable. The flight attendants were cordial and they made me feel welcome. The aircraft WiFi Entertainment worked well. The meal was good and the views out the window were amazing. Overall it was a good flight.

Do you like looking out the window on your flight?

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