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Delta Airlines Detroit Tokyo on 747

Delta Airlines Detroit Tokyo on 747

This post is a review of Delta Airlines Detroit Tokyo on 747 aircraft.

This review is part of my Singapore Mileage Run Adventure.

Trip Summary

Date: September 7, 2017

Flight: Delta 275

From: Detroit – DTW

To: Tokyo – NRT

Aircraft: 747

Seat: 23H

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I received an upgrade to the Comfort+ section on Delta Airlines Detroit Tokyo on 747 at the time of booking.

Gate Area

Detroit has a water fountain display near the entrance to the terminal.

Every time I am at the airport, I try to spend a minute or two to take in the fountain.

Have you seen the fountain?

When I arrived at the gate area, boarding for Delta One had already began.

The gate area was busy with activity and other passengers were standing near the boarding area.

The 747 was parked at gate A50, which does not offer a great view because it is in an area without windows. You could take a picture after boarding though for the front of the plane.


Once the Sky Zone was called for Delta Airlines Detroit Tokyo on 747, I joined the line.

Within three minutes, I reached the front of the line and the gate agent reviewed my passport and I scanned my boarding pass. The gate agent thanked me and invited me to board the airplane.

A security screening by customs and immigration was conducted just before entering the jetway.

I was waived through the checkpoint without having to answer any questions.

I joined the line in the jetway and made my way to the airplane.

A flight attendant greeted me at the door and directed me to my seat.

Boarding continued for about 40 minutes.

There was a delay in closing the door, because the Captain informed the passengers that baggage for one customer had to be removed from the airplane.

The process lasted about 30 minutes.

Once it was complete, the door was closed and the plane taxied from the gate.

There was another 10-minute delay before the airplane was up in the air.

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I located my seat at the forward of the Comfort+ Cabin in an aisle seat near the galley.

The seat was a standard Economy+ seat.

A video monitor was located at each seat which contained a USB power port. Two A/C power ports were available in between the two seats.

The aircraft featured International GoGo WiFi.

The seat was relatively comfortable and there was a good amount of leg room available in the Comfort+ cabin. In addition, the seat reclined well.

An amenity kit was located at the seat.

The kit was in a sealed plastic bag and included toothpaste, toothbrush, ear plugs and eye shades.

In addition, Delta branded slippers were provided along with a blue blanket and small pillow.

In Flight Experience

Once the airplane was in the air, the entertainment system automatically turned on.

The entertainment system featured about a hundred or so movies. There were also a lot of television programs, games and music.

The touch screen controls functioned and the video quality was good.

It appeared that the monitors were of the newer style because the quality of video was excellent. The sound also was of good quality.

The flight attendants prepared the cabin for service shortly after we were up in the air.

Lunch Service

The lunch service began with a hot towel offering.

Once the hot towels were distributed and picked up, the flight attendants offered a beverage service.

I requested a Bloody Mary.

The flight attendant provided it on a cocktail napkin. The drink was mixed by the flight attendant and served with a lime.

In addition, spiced pretzels and toasted almonds were provided.

The Bloody Mary was served chilled and it had a good taste. The drink had a good level of alcohol and the Bloody Mary was tangy.

The snacks were fresh and they had an excellent taste. They were a step up from what I was anticipating.

The pretzels were flavored with sea salt and olive oil. The nuts were also excellent.

About 30 minutes later, the meal was served. There was an option between beef, chicken and pasta. The flight attendant recommended the beef. I accepted and he served it.

The meal was served on a tray and it included shrimp cocktail, salad, bread, butter, dessert bar and the beef dish.

The beef was served hot. The beef was cooked with onions and ginger and it had an Asian flavor. The beef was served with rice. The dish had a good taste and flavor and it was surprisingly very good.

The shrimp cocktail was also good. Three medium size shrimp was served with lemon and cocktail sauce. The dish was excellent.

The salad was a mixture of lettuce and tomatoes. It was served with ranch dressing and had a good taste.

The dessert bar was fresh and it was chocolate and oatmeal and it had a good taste.

The flight attendants offered additional drinks after the meal service as well as a bottle of water.

The flight attendants were noted to circulate the cabin in between the meal services.

Snack Service

About six hours into the flight, the flight attendants offered a snack service which included a mushroom flatbread pizza and a Magnum ice cream bar.

They also offered a beverage when providing the snack. I requested orange juice. The flight attendant offered it and asked me to enjoy the meal.

The flat bread was served hot and it consisted of a thin crust pizza that was topped with mushrooms and spices. The mushrooms were slightly sweet and they had a good flavor. The bread was crispy. The flatbread was excellent.

The ice cream bar was cold and it included vanilla ice cream with caramel and a chocolate coating. The ice cream had a good taste.

The orange juice was fresh and it had a good taste.

After the meal service was complete, the flight attendants removed the used items and offered additional beverages.

Arrival Meal Service

With two hours remaining in the flight, the flight attendants offered an arrival meal service. There was a choice between eggs or noodles. I requested the noodles and a Coca-Cola.

The flight attendant served the meal on a tray and provided a glass of Coca-Cola.

The meal consisted of a pork noodle dish with onions and carrots. The noodles were fresh and they had a good flavor. The pork was cooked well and it also had a good taste.

Fresh fruit was provided in a small container along with a pre-packaged roll, butter and cookies.

The fruit was sweet and it included grapes, oranges, melons and strawberry. The bread was fresh and the butter was soft and easily spreadable. The cookies were also fresh and they had a good flavor.

The flight attendants removed the tray after I finished and offered additional beverages.


About 25 minutes before landing on Delta Airlines Detroit Tokyo the Captain provided arrival information.

The flight attendants also made announcements with arrival instructions.

The plane landed about 15 minutes late.

There was a short taxi to the gate. Once the plane arrived at the gate, the door was opened and passengers were able to depart.

The flight attendants thanked me as I departed the aircraft.

I made my way to the security screening in the transit area of the airport. The security process lasted about 10 minutes before I was back in the terminal.


The flight went by quickly. I found the Comfort+ seat to be relatively comfortable and it had an adequate amount of legroom. The meal service was excellent including the three meals and the snack before the first meal. The flight attendants were polite welcoming and they provided excellent service on the flight. The entertainment system functioned well and there were a lot of options available. The WiFi worked throughout the flight.


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