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Fun Times Up Front On American Airlines Miami Cancun

Fun Times Up Front On American Airlines Miami Cancun

Fun Times Up Front On American Airlines Miami Cancun

This trip report is Fun Times Up Front On American Airlines Miami Cancun. It highlights my wife and my experience in domestic business class on the flight from Miami to Cancun.

This article is part of my Cancun Birthday Celebration Getaway where my wife and I traveled to Cancun to celebrate my birthday.

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Trip Details

Date: November 7, 2017

Flight: American Airlines 2422

From: Miami – MIA

To: Cancun – CUN

Aircraft: 737

Seats: 4E, 4F

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The flight between Miami and Cancun on American Airlines requires 2, 500-mile certificates for an upgrade.

I requested the upgrade about a week before the flight.

Three days prior to the flight, my seat was upgraded and I selected a seat next to my wife.

Gate Area

My wife and I arrived at the gate area for Fun Times Up Front on American Airlines Miami Cancun at the scheduled boarding time.

The activity level at the gate was moderate with most passengers were seated.

A few minutes later, there was an announcement that the flight would be delayed 20 minutes and the new boarding time was announced.

About 10 minutes later, another announcement about an issue with the aircraft was announced. A new gate was assigned and surprisingly it only delayed the flight another five minutes. The new gate was across from the original gate and an aircraft had just arrived, which would be used for the flight.


Boarding began about 25 minutes behind schedule. The gate agents provided updated information throughout the delay.

Once boarding began, groups 1-3 were boarded immediately, followed by the remaining groups.

We joined the line and were greeted by a flight attendant who scanned our boarding passes and invited us on the airplane.

Flight attendants greeted us at the door and we made our way to our seats.

The boarding continued for about 15 minutes, before the door was closed and the cabin was prepared for departure.

The plane remained at the gate for about 10 minutes before there was a short taxi to a runway.


My wife and I selected seats in the second row of the domestic business cabin.

The aircraft was one of the older 737 aircraft but the seats appeared to be updated.

The seats were a standard domestic first class one that offered pivoting recline.

The seat had power outlets and WiFi was available briefly for the flight.

In Flight Experience

Once the our flight Fun Times Up Front On American Airlines Miami Cancun was in the air, the flight attendants greeted the passengers in the business cabin and offered drinks followed by a choice from the snack basket.

My wife and I requested vodka cranberry with limes and the flight attendant prepared them promptly and served them on a cocktail napkin.

The drinks were poured strong and they were garnished neatly with a lime.

The flight attendant circulated the cabin during the flight and offered drink refills and was friendly and attentive.


The flight went by quickly as it was only one hour and 15 minutes.

The cabin was prepared for landing.

I looked out the window as we approached Cancun and saw the beautiful ocean, beach followed by the lush green “jungle” which surrounds the Cancun airport.

The plane landed a few minutes behind the original scheduled time but it had made up a lot of time in the air.

There was a short taxi to a gate before passengers departed the aircraft.

Baggage Claim

We made our way to the immigration area. After waiting for about four minutes, we reached the front of the line. The immigration officer quickly granted us access before wishing us a good day.

We made our way to the baggage claim area a few minutes before our bags were delivered on the belt.

Both of out checked bags were returned and we made our way to the customs area where we were asked to press the button to see if we got a red or green light. We ended up getting a red light and had to put our bags through an xray as well as further manual inspection.

The process added about five minutes but went by quickly and soon enough we were allowed into the country and entered the hallway with all the timeshare reps and other sales people who eagerly tried to get us to talk with them. Some of them were very persistent.

None the less, we made it outside about 20 minutes after arriving in Cancun.


It was another enjoyable flight up in the air on American Air. The flight attendants were very attentive and provided an excellent service for the flight. The flight went by very quickly and we got to see a few views of the ocean and beach as we approached Cancun. It was a great introduction to our vacation.

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