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Delta Sky Club LaGuardia Airport Quick Review

Delta Sky Club LaGuardia Airport Quick Review

This article is Delta Sky Club LaGuardia Airport Quick Review. It is a review of my experience grabbing a quick coffee and bite to eat at the lounge.

The review is part of my New York Weekend Adventure.


I can get access to the Delta Sky Club thanks to my American Express Platinum Card.

If you do not have the American Express Platinum Card, you could get access to the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge via Priority Pass; however, it is located in the Central Terminal (B) and it is not easily connected from the two Delta Terminals (C and D).

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There are three Delta Sky Club’s at LaGuardia. One in D and two in the C terminal.

Two of them open at 5:00 AM and the other ones open at 6:00 AM. I visited the larger lounge in the C terminal for this visit.

I arrived around 4:30 AM and other passengers lined up to use the club.

Check In

I approached the reception desk a few minutes after it opened and the line was reduced.

One agent was greeting guests and processing the check in.

The check in desk featured with a fingerprint scanner connected to CLEAR. The scanner allowed the passenger to be identified and to bypass the need for scanning a boarding pass.

Once I reached the agent, she greeted me warmly and processed my American Express Card and she asked me to use the fingerprint reader. At first the machine did not work; however, on the second try I identified me and the agent welcomed me into the lounge.

Lounge Setup

The Delta Sky Club is setup in one large main room with some side areas that offer other seating options.

The reception desk and help desk is near the side of the lounge.

Once you enter the room there is seating to the right, which lead up to the bar and food area.

There are a variety of tables and chairs as well as more private modern seating.

You can also go to the left and find additional seating around the corner.

The lounge was light with activity when I arrived.

Food Options

The Delta Sky Club was setup for breakfast when I arrived.

Chilled items included three varieties of bagels, two types of toast, English Muffins and pastries.

Yogurt with fruit and toppings was available along with cereal.

Oatmeal was available as the hot food item.

Fresh fruit was also available in the lounge.

The Delta Sky Club features a Starbucks automated coffee machine.

Lounge Experience

I located a seat and then grabbed a snack and coffee to enjoy before my flight to Minneapolis.

I selected a cinnamon raisin bagel, which I toasted.

The bagel was soft and chewy and it had a fresh flavor. The bagel had an excellent taste. Cream cheese was available which was served in each container.

The cappuccino was fresh and it had a creamy milk taste with espresso.

I enjoyed the quick bite to eat before preparing to go to the gate.


When it was time to leave the Delta Sky Club LaGuardia Airport Quick Review, I made my way to the entrance.

Two team members were present at the reception desk. Both of them smiled and made eye contact me before wishing me a good flight.

The lounge was 5% occupied when I departed the lounge.


The Delta Sky Club New York LaGuardia Quick Review was enjoyable. I was surprised how people were lining up to get in at the opening time to the lounge as you don’t always see a line waiting outside the door of an airport lounge. The team members that I interacted with were polite. It was nice you can use your fingerprints to get access to the lounge. Hopefully the bugs get worked out soon, so it will be a smoother process. The lounge was clean and in good condition and the foot options were appetizing. Overall it was an enjoyable experience.

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