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American Admiral’s Club Washington DC Gate 23

Admiral’s Club Washington DC

This article is Admiral’s Club Washington DC. It is a review of my wife and my experience visiting the American Admiral’s Club at DCA airport.

The review of the Admiral’s Club was while we were on our way to our New England Road Trip.


I accessed the American Admiral’s Club thanks to my Citi American Executive Card, which gives all cardholders full Admiral’s Club membership. The membership allows up to two guests per each cardholder to access the lounge.

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There are other airline lounges at Washington DC; however, no Priority Pass lounges are available.

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There are two American Admiral’s Clubs at DCA. One in each gate pod area. We visited the lounge near gate 23.

The lounge is located on the upper level. You can access it via elevator or stairs near the security area.


Upon arrival at the reception desk, we noted that the lounge was about 30% occupied.

There were two other guests being assisted and three agents ready to assist.

One of the agents invited my wife and I to the desk. After I provided my Citi American Executive Card, the agent used my name and welcomed me and my wife. The agent asked if she could assist us with our flight before inviting us into the lounge.

Admiral’s Club Washington DC

The lounge is spread out over a couple rooms with one just after the entrance, a second smaller business center area and then the main room.

The main room featured a variety of tables and chairs including some modern looking ones.

The lounge was decorated neatly with flowers.

The main room was surrounded by a wall of windows, where you could get a glimpse of the busy airplane traffic area.

Food was available to the side of the main room.

A hosted bar was present on the far end of the room.

Food Options

My wife and my visit to the American Admiral’s Club Washington Gate 23 took place during the morning and the food included breakfast options.

Fresh fruit was available with apples, bananas, strawberries and pineapples.

Cereal was available along with milk.

Fresh pastries were offered along with bagels and English muffins.

A craft espresso machine was available where you could select your desired beverage.

Lounge Experience

My wife and I spent about 20 minutes in the lounge.

We located a seat near the windows and relaxed and watched the planes taxiing around the gate area.

I visited the breakfast food areas and sampled strawberries and pineapple.

The fruit was fresh and it was cut into small pieces.

The pineapple had a sweet taste and it was ripe. The strawberries were also sweet and had an excellent taste.


When it was boarding time for our flight, my wife and I prepared to leave the lounge.

One of the servers greeted us and thanked us as we were leaving the seating area.

Two of the agents at the reception desk thanked us as we departed.

The lounge was approximately 30% occupied when we departed.

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The lounge experience at the American Admiral’s Club Washington Gate 23 was enjoyable. The lounge was setup attractively and the flower arrangements were a nice touch to set a peaceful tone. The fruit was fresh and it had a good taste. I enjoyed the views out the window. The agents and staff that we encountered were polite and welcoming. Overall it was a great visit.

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