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Spring Delta Airlines Minneapolis Chicago

Spring Delta Airlines Minneapolis Chicago

This article is Delta Airlines Minneapolis Chicago. It is a review of my experience flying Delta from Minneapolis to Chicago.

This review article is part of my Chicago Spring Work Trip Report.

Trip Summary

Date: May 21, 2018

Flight: Delta 738

From: Minneapolis – MSP

To: Chicago – ORD

Aircraft: MD-90

Seat: 11A


My trip to Chicago was booked via my work for $305.00 for the round trip flight on Delta.

The trip takes place between Monday and Friday, so it is difficult to obtain a lower fare even though the route has a lot of competition on it. If you fly on Tuesday and Wednesday, you can often fly on Delta, United or American for about $150-$200.

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I utilized CLEAR to bypass the TSA identification check when I arrived at the airport.

I love CLEAR because you use your fingerprint or eyes to verify your identity and you scan your boarding pass before being escorted to the front of the line.

Occasionally, TSA requests that the CLEAR members go through a secondary check.

On this flight, I was so I had to show both my boarding pass and identification to the TSA rep.

I still went to the front of the line.

It saved about five minutes from the process this day.

If you don’t have CLEAR , you should check it out using my affiliate link.

Gate Area

I proceeded to the gate area at the scheduled boarding time.

When I arrived, I noted that the board was just updated with about a two hour delay.

An agent made an announcement about the delay. She said it was air traffic control in Chicago.

I visited the Delta Sky Club during the delay and returned to the gate at the updated boarding time.

The gate area was located at the end of the G terminal.

The boarding area had limited seating as a large bar is at the center of the room.


By the time I reached the boarding area, group 1 had already been invited to board.

I joined the line and when I reached the agent, she asked me to scan my boarding pass. The agent thanked me and wished me a good flight.

I made my way on the airplane and located my seat.

Storage was a bit limited at the time; however, I was able to move bags around a bit so I could store my roller bag.

At the conclusion of the boarding process, the Captain informed the passengers that there would be a further delay of about 20-30 minutes due to air traffic control.

The plane departed the gate and made its way to a parking spot, where we stayed for a few minutes before continuing to the runway.

The plane ended up having the delay reduced to about 15 minutes.

The planes engines revved up and we made our way down the runway.

I took a few pictures on the way up into the clouds.


I was assigned 11A in the Economy+ section.

The seat was on the 2 side of the aircraft.

The seat was a regular economy seat.

A power port was available at the seat. In addition, WiFI entertainment and free chat/messaging was available on the airplane.

In Air Experience

Once the plane was up in the air for Spring Delta Airlines Minneapolis Chicago, the flight attendants announced that they would offer a beverage service offering a choice of water and a snack.

The flight duration is about 45 minutes, so it is nice that the flight attendants offer the service.

When the flight attendant reached me aisle, I was greeted warmly and offered water, coffee and a pretzel mix or cookies.

I requested water and the snack mix. The flight attendant thanked me and asked me to enjoy.

The water was provided in a small bottle, similar to the ones offered in the first class cabin.

The snack mix was fresh.

A few minutes after serving, the flight attendants picked up the used items and prepared the cabin for landing.


The weather in Chicago was rainy, and there was very little visibility until just before the plane landed. Surprisingly there wasn’t a lot of turbulence when we were flying through all the clouds.

The plane landed and then had a medium length taxi to a gate.

Once the door opened, I exited the plane and found the gate area filled completely with guests waiting as most of the Delta flights to Chicago that day were delayed so everyone was waiting for their flight out.


My Delta flight from Minneapolis to Chicago was good overall. The flight went by quickly since it was only about 45 minutes. The flight attendants were polite and it was nice that they offered the water bottles and snack.

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