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Early Morning Experience Delta Minneapolis Detroit

Early Morning Experience Delta Minneapolis Detroit

This article is Early Morning Experience Delta Minneapolis Detroit. It is a review of my experience flying Delta Airlines from Minneapolis to Detroit on a 757 aircraft.

The Early Morning Experience Delta Minneapolis Detroit is part of my Finger Lakes New York Trip Report.

Trip Summary

Date: September 10, 2018

Flight: Delta 1582

From: Minneapolis – MSP

To: Detroit – DTW

Aircraft: 757-200

Seat: 15F


My early Morning Experience Delta Minneapolis Detroit was purchased by TBEX thanks to me being accepted as a speaker for the Travel Blogger gathering in Finger Lakes New York. The flight cost approximately $650.

TBEX is generously picking up my airfare, hotel and conference registration in exchange for me giving a presentation.

Check In

My flight on Delta was an early morning one on a Monday so the airport was crowded with business travelers preparing for the week.

Fortunately, I have CLEAR, which gives me efficient access to TSA and usually avoids the customary TSA identification and boarding pass check.

I was able to skip the three lines at the airport for Pre-Check, Elite and General boarding thanking to CLEAR.

As you can see from the photo, the area was busy.

I approached the CLEAR kiosks and waited for about one minute before an agent invited me forward to the terminal.

I used my fingerprint to identify me and then scanned my boarding pass.

The agent asked me to take out my identification as I was randomly selected. The agent told me to inform the next agent I was #5.

It seems every five CLEAR guests has to go through the regular TSA Precheck inspection.

After waiting about two minutes, I was able to go through the TSA agent and join the Pre-Check area.

The process was efficient and I was able to exit security within six minutes of arriving at the original line thanks to CLEAR.

If you haven’t tried CLEAR yet, I’d recommend you check it out. Thank you for supporting the blog by using my affiliate links.

Gate Area

The gate area for my Early Morning Experience Delta Minneapolis Detroit was busy with activity when I arrived. Most of the passengers were standing around waiting for boarding to begin.

There were a couple seats available if you wanted to sit down.

Boarding began and the gate agents made friendly announcements before inviting guests to board.


I received an upgrade to Comfort+ Seating at the time of booking. I was placed on the upgrade list for first class.

The flight was a heavy elite one and I was #12 out of 72 who were waiting for an upgrade to first class for zero seats.


Once the Sky Priority Group was invited to board, which was nearly everyone in the boarding area thanks to the elite heavy flight, I joined the line.

After about three minutes, I reached the agent who asked me to scan my boarding pass. After I scanned it, she used my name and thanked me for flying Delta.

A flight attendant greeted me at the door.

The aircraft was a 757 so we got to board from the second door.

I located my seat and was able to store my bag directly above my seat.

The boarding process lasted about 25 minutes before the door was closed and the safety video was presented.

The plane taxied to the runway around the time of sunrise, which offered some beautiful views out the window.

I always love a sunrise and it is sure a blessing to get to observe one.

After a short delay, the plane taxied down the runway and we were up in the air.

I took a few pictures of the sunrise, sky and the area during take off.

The plane flew over the Minnesota Vikings Training facility. It recently opened in Eagan, Minnesota.


I was assigned a Comfort+ Seat on the 757.

I selected a window seat at the front of the cabin.

The seat was comfortable and offered a lot of leg room.

The seat had standard recline as well as a pop up video screen.

I did not use the entertainment system on the flight due to the short nature of the flight.

A power outlet was available below the seat.

In Flight Experience

Once the plane was at a cruising altitude for Early Morning Experience Delta Minneapolis Detroit, the flight attendants prepared a beverage and snack service.

I was offered a beverage and a snack.

Due to the short duration of the flight, the Comfort+ snack basket was not presented on this flight.

I selected a water and a snack mix. The flight attendant thanked me and presented it promptly and asked me to enjoy.

I did some work on my laptop during the flight.

Flight attendants returned to pick up used cups and other items.


The flight was about one hour in duration, so shortly after the beverage service was concluded, the cabin was prepared for landing in Detroit.

I took a few photos as the plane neared the airport.

The flight landed ahead of schedule and then had a medium length taxi before reaching a gate.

It was fun getting to be near one of the new A350’s while my plane was taxing to a gate at the airport.

The flight attendants thanked me as I departed the plane.


My Early Morning Experience Delta Minneapolis Detroit went by quickly. It was nice getting to fly on a 757 again. I’ve been flying on smaller aircraft over the past year, so the larger one was a nice change. The flight attendants were friendly and they made the flight enjoyable. The seat was comfortable and I had plenty of legroom. Overall it was a good flight and experience.

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