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Detroit Elmira New York on Delta

Detroit Elmira New York on Delta

This article is Detroit Elmira New York on Delta. It is an overview of my experience flying Delta on a CR7 from Detroit to Elmira New York.

The review of Delta is part of my Finger Lakes New York Experience Trip Report.

Trip Summary

Date: September 10, 2018

Flight: Delta 6216

From: Detroit – DTW

To: Elmira – ELM

Aircraft: CR7

Seat: 5D


I received an upgrade to the Comfort+ section at the time the reservation was booked. I was added to the upgrade list; however, no seats were available. I enjoyed my Comfort+ seat for the flight.

Gate Area

I approached the gate area about 10 minutes after boarding began. No one was sitting in the area. The agent was waiting for the last remaining passengers.

The area was setup neatly and plenty of seats were available.


I approached the agent to board and she asked me to scan my boarding pass. After I scanned it, she placed a pink tag on my bag and asked me to scan my boarding pass again. After I did she presented a claim check and she informed me where to place my bag. The agent used my name and invited me to board the plane.

The flight attendant greeted me at the door of the plane and welcomed me.

I located my seat and I relaxed while the flight attendants prepared the cabin for boarding.

Two or three other passengers boarded after I did and then the plane was ready to depart.

There was a short taxi before the plane went up in the air.

During the time while the plane was in Detroit, a light rain storm was in process, so the views out the window were a bit subdued by the rain.

Once up in the air, the plane went through a series of clouds, before reaching a cruising altitude.


My seat on Delta Detroit Elmira New York flight was in the Comfort+ section.

The seat was relatively small but it was good for a short flight.

Recline on the seat was standard and there was a decent amount of legroom available.

A power port was located in front of the seat but the light was not on throughout the flight so it was not functioning. The person sitting next to me tested it but it did not function.

In Flight Experience

The flight from Detroit to Elmira was about 45 minutes.

The flight attendants on Delta Detroit Elmira New York offered a service of water of coffee and a snack mix.

When I requested water, the flight attendants provided a small bottle of water to each guest.

I used my computer for a while and then read a book during the flight.

The flight attendants picked up the used water bottles and coffee cups prior to landing.

Heavy cloud cover was noted for the majority of the flight.


The cloud cover continued until just shortly before landing.

The time went by quickly during the flight and soon enough, the airplane was on the ground.

There was a short taxi to a gate.

Once the door opened, the pink tag bags were returned to passengers in the jet bridge. The flight attendants thanked the passengers as they departed the plane.

After I exited security, the staff from TBEX were there to pick me up.

It is always a wonderful feeling having someone greet you after your flight.

In addition, I received a mini bottle of sparkling wine to welcome me to the Finger Lakes Region! What a nice surprise and welcome.


The Delta Detroit Elmira New York flight was enjoyable. It went by quickly. It was nice that the flight attendants provided a mini bottle of water. That saved time and it is good because I could fill it up in the airport for my ride to the hotel.

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