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John the Wanderer

Hi. My name is John. Thank you for visiting my blog.

I love going on cruises! There is something about being on the ocean that is such an awesome experience. Plus having all the food and entertainment included and in one place makes for an awesome vacation. You can’t go wrong with going on a cruise.

Ever since I was a child, I have loved anything to do with travel. I remember as a child I would get cruise brochures and would plan elaborate trips for my family. I would research the destination and pick the right room on the ship as well as what to do while we were visiting the ports. My parents would be amazed at all the work I would do and it made our vacations amazing. Fast forward to today, I still love planning trips and hopping on an ship and being whisked off to a tropical destination. While I no longer need brochures to plan a trip, I still search online and connect with other travelers to try to make the most of trips.

I currently work as a travel advisor where I can help you plan an amazing cruise or land vacation so you can experience all the fun also! Being a travel agent I often get access to group pricing as well as special promotions on cruises that could offer some additional onboard incentives. Plus when you use a travel advisor you get a professional helping you all along the way with your travel plans who can step in if issues arise. Contact me at john@johnthewanderer.com to get started!

I love connecting with new people who share my passion for travel. I believe that everyone deserves to travel and experience life to the fullest. I created John the Wanderer in order to share that with you.

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