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Hi. My name is John. Thank you for visiting my blog.

I am a travel enthusiast. Ever since I was a child, I have loved anything to do with travel. I remember as a child I would get travel brochures and would plan elaborate trips for my family. I would research the destination and pick the right place to stay and what to do there. My parents would be amazed at all the work I would do and it made our vacations amazing. Fast forward to today, I still love planning trips and hopping on an airplane and being whisked off to a new city. While I no longer need brochures to plan a trip, I still search online and connect with other travelers to try to make the most of trips.

I currently live in Minneapolis, which oftentimes makes it difficult to find good deals on travel as the airport is a hub for Delta and the pricing is relatively high as compared to New York or Los Angeles; however, some creative routings as well as tips I have learned from other travelers, I am able to maintain status on an airline and travel in relative comfort.

Over the past few years I have connected with other similar people who are in the miles and points hobby and through them I have learned about the power of maximizing points and miles and redeeming the points for unforgettable or unachievable experiences such as travel in International First Class and staying at $1,500+ per night hotels. I created this blog to connect with others and to share my experiences and to help educate others so they also can experience these unforgettable experiences.

A lot of my friends laugh at me because I know so much about travel. I can look up in the sky and know exactly what type of aircraft I see flying overhead or if someone tells me they are flying to a particular city, I can guess the routing if they tell me what airline they are flying on. While this knowledge seems pointless to them, to me it is useful because it allows me to know what aircraft is more comfortable and what route options I have when planning travel.

I currently work full time in finance and my travel is centered primarily during weekends. Previously, I worked in a role that had me traveling more regularly. I grew up in Michigan but have lived in New York City and have worked on Wall Street and experienced the fast pace of city life. I’ve always been a Mid-West guy and I relocated to the Twin Cities approximately seven years ago and have loved it since then.

I love connecting with new people who share my passion for travel. I believe that everyone deserves to travel and experience life to the fullest. I created John the Wanderer in order to share that with you.

On this blog you will find information about the miles and points hobby, trip reports on my experiences exploring the world. I am happy to answer any questions that you have and I would love to share my experiences with others.

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