Update on Reselling Attempt

Note:  For my first series of posts I thought I would bring over all the reselling posts I made over on Portlandtraveltips.

First, sorry for the lack of posts lately.  This has been a very busy couple of months. After selling our house our weekends were filled with searching for a new home and making offers.  I say making offers because it took 8 offers on 8 different houses before we finally had an offer accepted on a new home.  The market out there is completely crazy.  I also may need to change the name of the blog to West Linn Travel Tips since I am officially hanging up my Portland card and moving to a suburb.  

As for the reselling, I will chalk up my first attempt at reselling as a good educational experience.  Ultimately, I ended up returning the headphones to Best Buy.  I unsuccessfully tried to sell the headphones on craigslist.  When that did not work I turned to fulfilled by amazon to see if I could sell it on there.  Which I could have, but the one problem there was I could not list the item as brand new.  After running into that road block I decided to return the item to Best Buy.  The bright side is I will now double check if I can sell something as new before actually buying.

Am I dissuaded from making another attempt at reselling?  Absolutely not.  With the predicted demise of other avenues for creating miles I am more determined than ever to make reselling work.  My latest line of thinking is to double dip on staples gift cards to get discounts on iPads and sell those on Amazon.  I checked and I can sell those new!

I hope to return to a normal blogging schedule soon.  We should be closing on the new house in two weeks.  I also recently found a food cart worth talking about which was nice because I had a string of bad luck there.

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