Grrr, Fulfilled by Amazon – Problem with Case Shipment and Duplicate UPCs

In my last post I discussed the latest products I am attempting to resell, an iPad Mini 3, a PS4 Arkham Knight Bundle, and a myCharge 6000.  Well things got off to a rocky start.  

First, although minor, annoyance was how long it took for me to get my package from Target.  I bought both the PS4 and the iPad from Target. I already had the myCharge and was waiting on the Target shipment so I could send them all together to Amazon.  Turns out there was no point in waiting because trying to send them together did not work out at all, but before I get to that I had to deal with a different problem with the iPad.

First, the iPad issue.  When I add inventory to my seller central account I do so by inputing the UPC of the product I want to sell.  I choose this method because it seems to me the best way to tell Amazon what I want to sell.  I inputed the UPC for the iPad Mini 3 and turns out the damn UPC was connected to two different Amazon listings.  At first I thought I was doing something wrong but I wasn’t.  I was inputing everything in correctly.  I am not sure why Amazon has two listings linked to this UPC but it does.  Additionally, Amazon wanted me to pick which listing was the appropriate one (I had no clue they looked identical to me) and further label the iPad.  Yea, thanks but no thanks.

I am very much a FBA rookie and I don’t want to make things more complicated on me than I have to.  So when I saw that the iPad had two potential listings and Amazon wanted me to pick which one it belonged to, I backed out.  That was a little much for me.  I already know that the iPad Mini 3 is a bit of a dud. Furthermore, with a new iPad Mini coming out soon, I decided to get out while the getting was good.  Today returned the iPad to Target.  Better safe than sorry.  I want to resale things as snafu free as possible and this was looking to me like a snafu in the making.

Now that leaves me with the PS4 and the myCharge to sell.  I wanted to send both items in one box to save on shipping costs.  Long story short, while I think that should be possible it is not clear to me that it is. I reached out to customer support via chat and the CSR was less than helpful.  Maybe it is not possible to send two different products in one box.  I ended shipping the items separately.  I definitely want to look into bulk shipments further.  I am not sure why it is so complicated, unless you really can’t do it.  For now, it looks like individual shipments until I can figure out a bulk shipment.

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