Reselling: iPad Mini 3, PS4 Bundle, and myCharge

For my next reselling attempt I purchased the following products.

  1. myCharge Portable Power Bank
  2. iPad Mini 3 16 GB Space Grey
  3. PS4 Arkham Knight Bundle

I bought the power bank from best buy during one of their daily deals.  I cashed in some Best Buy rewards points and managed to get the thing for $15.  It sells on Amazon for $99.

The iPad Mini 3 and the PS4 bundle I bought online from Target.  For these purchases I managed to score a pretty decent discount.  A couple of months ago I saw that Target was offering a $20 gift card if you signed up for a college registry.  I did, but never saw the gift card.  However, right before labor day weekend I received an email from Target offering me 15% off of anything in my registry that was unfulfilled.  I added the iPad Mini 3 (also on sale for $75 off) and PS4 to my registry and purchased them with the 15% off code.

I also used my target Redbird for an additional 5% off.  In the end I got the iPad for $261 and the PS4 for $322.  The iPad sells on Amazon for $350 and the PS4 bundle for $457.

This will probably be the only and last time I buy an iPad Mini 3.  They are a little risky right now because Apple is soon to announce a new iPad Mini.  If all goes according plan, I would profit about $180.  Not bad.

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