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Resale Opportunity – iPad Air 2 $100 Off at Target

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This past week I was starting to get bummed out by the lack of iPad deals.  These have been my go to money maker for reselling.  Just when I gave my hopes up for seeing any good sales, Target comes through.  Unfortunately, I don’t see any obvious promos, portals, or coupons, to leverage this deal further.  But I had a thought on something that I am experimenting with.  

A few weeks ago the last time Target had an iPad sale I created a wedding registry (shhh, don’t tell my wife I’m getting married).  I did so because the registry creation is usually followed up by Target sending you a 15% off promo code. The last time this deal came along I successfully used the promo code to get an additional 15% off the sales price.   At the time Target was also allowing you to email additional 15% off promo codes to friends.  Naturally, I emailed my self about 20.  I tried using those codes this morning when I saw the deal and it did not work.  Not sure why.

After the promo code did not work I decided to make another registry.  I’m getting married again! and see if I can get it to work.  I will report back.

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