Staples $90 off iPad Air 2 and Why It Is Better Than Target $100 Off

Currently Staples is running a sale on iPads.  The best deal is $90 off on the iPad Air 2 64GB. Last week Target had a sale for $100 off.  Ironically, or not, I could not leverage the Target deal into a money maker.  I tried to leverage the deal by getting myself a 15% off promo code by signing up for a registry.  Unfortunately, the promo code still has not arrived.  So there went that idea.  Target also did not have any portal bonuses of note, so it ended up being a nice sale but nothing I could turn much of a profit on.  The Staples deal on the other hand should get me about $40 per iPad.  Not my best profit margin but still pretty good.

For Staples I did not have any coupon to further leverage the deal but I had three great weapons at my disposal to turn this into a decent money maker.

  1. Chase Ink Card
  2. Upromise Shopping Portal
  3. Staples Rewards

First, a public service announcement.  If you are into reselling, get a Chase Ink credit card.  It is a must have card for resellers.  Also, if you have not applied for 5 credit cards from Chase in the last 24 months, get this card now before you do break that threshold.

For this purchase, The Ink card added an additional 5x Ultimate Rewards points to my profit margin.  For me this is just icing on the cake.  I make money from Upromise and the Staples Rewards.  Adding an additional 5x Ultimate Rewards points is just a nice little bonus.

Upromise offers 5% cash back on the purchase. Staples offers an additional 2-5% cash back.  For me it was 3% cash back.  With a purchase price of $509 I basically break even at that price point with Amazon. I may lose $2-10 depending on the sale price with FBA.  Without the Upromise and Staples Rewards this would be a loser. With them I make $25 from Upromise plus $15 in Staples Rewards per iPad.  Each iPad is a $40 profit plus 2500 Ultimate Rewards points.   I ordered two.  I hope to buy two more before the sale ends.

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