Staples 20% off iPads

I have had a bit of a dry spell the last couple of weeks so this morning I was happy to see the following tweet from Oren’s Money Saver.

I have been consistently selling 64 GB iPad Air 2s for $544.99.  This usually works out as a net to me of $511.  So at $480 per iPad that is a $31 profit.  Pretty good but it is better with a shopping portal, Chase INK, and Staples Rewards.  

With all of the above the deal breaks down like this.

  • iPad Air 2 64 GB
  • MSRP = $599
  • Amazon Sale Price = $544.99
  • Purchase Price = $479
  • Amazon Fee + Shipping = $38.56
  • Upromise 5% Cash Back = $23.95
  • Staples Rewards 5% Cash Back = $23.95
  • Chase Ink 5x = 2395 UP Points
  •  Profit = $75.33 + 2395 UR Points

That my friends is a good reselling opportunity.  I keep telling myself I want to branch out and today I was going to take advantage of this HP deal but iPads are so damn easy to unload via Amazon.  So I am doing this one instead.   I bought two.  An expected $150 in profit for about 15 minutes worth of work, not bad at all.

H/T Oren’s Money Saver


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  1. Why do you not account for sales tax in your estimates for the purchase price? Am I missing something? At 7% as it is in my state (MS) it will eat up a large portion of the profit..

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