Fantastic iPad Deals Coming for Black Friday – Potential for $150 Profit per iPad

Black Friday ads are already out for Staples and Target and both have great deals on iPads.

Staples is offering $150 off: Black Friday Ad

Target is offering $150 off in the form of a Target Gift Card: Black Friday Ad

In my book the winner is Staples because of the ability to leverage the sale for further discounts.  It has the potential to be a great money maker.  Target, however, has the potential to be an amazing deal but it requires a little trickery.   Here is the break down for each deal.


  • iPad Air 2 64 GB
  • MSRP: $599
  • Sale Price: $449
  • Amazon Sale Price: $544.99
  • Amazon Fees + Shipping: $38.63
  • Profit: $57.36

If you have been following along with my other posts you know that with Staples the deal does not stop there.  We always leverage Staples by combining Staples rewards, Chase Ink, and uPromise.  Together those add up to another 15% off.

  • Staples Rewards (5%): $22.45
  • Chase Ink 5x: 2245 UR points
  • uPromise Cashback (5%): $22.45

At this point you are looking at $102 profit per iPad plus 2,245 Ultimate Rewards points per iPad.  Who knows we may even get lucky and see uPromise increase portal bonuses for Black Friday too.


Target is offering the iPads at full price but they will give you a $150 Target Gift Card. I find the Target deal to be interesting.  Lately, I have been experimenting without much success with trying to get 15% coupons from Target for creating a wedding registry.  I was able to successfully do it once but have not repeated it.

Without further discounts, the Target deal as far as profit is concerned would break down the same as Staples without the bonuses, so $57.36 profit per iPad.

What makes this deal interesting is if you can get the damn registry discount working.  That would break down like this:

  • Target Price: $599
  • Registry 15% off Price: $509

In my experience $509-$511 is my break even price.  If I get the registry coupon to work, I can make $150 profit per iPad. Granted that profit will be in the form of a gift card but the nice thing about that is I can save that for another Target sale on iPads and add on to the $150.

I will keep plugging away at the registry coupon and report back.  For now Staples is the winner for me.  The hard part will be to limit myself to just a couple of iPads. Staples has a tendency to ban people who buy too many iPads.


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