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Staples 25% in Rewards on HP Printers – Opportunity for $300+ Profit


Currently staples is running a promo this week where you can earn 25% back in rewards on HP printers priced over $199.  I have thought about selling printers but the margins don’t seem that great.  Although I did see one printer where margins seemed pretty good.  I wonder what my wife would think when this behemoth shows up at the door.

HP DesignJet T520

It certainly presents a profitable reselling experience.

Purchase Price FBA Fee and Shipping Staples Rewards Upromise Ultimate Rewards Sale Price Profit
$1,643 $262 $410.75 $82.15 $102.68 $1643 $333.59

Currently no seller occupies the buy box so it is ripe for the taking.  In this little exercise I assumed a sell price equal to the purchase price.  I also assumed a cash value of 1.25 cents per UP point.  Probably a little low but I don’t think it is off by that much.  The big question is can you actually sell this thing?

The sales rank for this item is #139 in the Inkjet printer category.  The average customer review is 4.5 stars.  The camelcamelcamel price history in the last 3 months also looks like this:


It looks like it sells to me.  One downside worth mentioning is that the amazon fee is $190 but $60 of that is a monthly storage fee, so you better hope you can sell this sucker in the first month otherwise your profits start to decrease big time.  I’m guessing this is why no one sells it FBA.   Still it is a 20% ROI.  Not bad.

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