Did giftcards.com Exclude Visa Gift Card Purchases From Its Rewards Program?

I don’t use giftcards.com very often for purchasing visa gift cards.  I don’t like waiting 7-10 days for my gift cards to arrive.  I am an immediate gratification sort of guy.  I basically only use giftcards.com when I am feeling lazy.  Well, this morning was one of those lazy days and I noticed something new with my account.  I have not earned any g-money rewards points for my last two purchases.

In the past, you were able to earn 1 GMoney point per dollar spent.  The points are valued at $.01.  The reward program is nice because it helps lesson the costs associated with giftcards.com which are typically fairly high when you include shipping.  Combine the rewards program with a cash back portal like Yazing (affiliate link) and you might even come out ahead a few bucks.

So I am a little disappointed to see that my last two purchases earned 0 points.  I am not sure if this is a mistake or if visa gift cards are now excluded.  I checked the terms and conditions for an answer and found the T&Cs to be the most generalized T&Cs I have ever read.   The T&Cs state the following about earning and restrictions on points:

Earning Points.

You may earn Points by taking certain actions when you interact with GiftCards.com or authorized third parties.  Please see www.giftcards.com/rewards for details about earning points.


Points cannot be purchased, resold, transferred, redeemed for cash or applied to any other account.  Company may limit the number of Points you can earn or use within certain periods of time or implement other restrictions on the receipt or use of Points.  You acknowledge and agree that Points may be redeemed solely by GiftCards.com and that Points do not constitute the property of any GiftCards.com user.

I also looked to the FAQs to see if there was a change, again pretty general stuff.

What is GMoney Rewards and how do I earn GMoney Rewards?

GMoney Rewards is a rewards program for GiftCards.com purchases. Select purchases earns points that can discount future GiftCards.com purchases. GMoney members can earn up to 8 points for each $1 spent. Each 1 point can be redeemed for $.01 off of a future purchase.

To earn GMoney Rewards, you must first sign up for the GMoney Rewards program at giftcards.com/rewards. Once you are signed up for the program (and logged in to yourGiftCards.com account), you will automatically earn points with each purchase.

Signing up and participating in GMoney Rewards is free to all GiftCards.com customers.

I bolded what I think is the important part.  Only select purchases will earn points.  It would be nice if giftcards.com would state explicitly which purchases earn points and which do not.  Maybe that is too much to ask for?

I sent an email to customer support for clarification.  I will update once I get a response.  However, I am assuming that visa gift card purchases no longer earn rewards.  All the more reason you may want to start using Yazing (affiliate link) for making these purchases.

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  1. They excluded them a while ago..

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