Who Has Two Thumbs and Is the Worst Travel Hacker Ever? This Guy!

I really suck sometimes.  When it comes to travel hacking I pretty much do my own thing.  I certainly don’t get whatever the hottest and latest card bloggers are pushing.  My strategy is to identify a travel destination and get the cards that will get me to my destination.  I’m also fairly good at finding the award space as well.  That later being one of the more important travel hacking skills us hobbyists need.

While I am good at those things, I still suck.  For instance, last year I applied for the 50,000 point Amex Personal Rewards Gold card.  Which in addition to 50,000 MR points also comes with a $100 airline fee credit every calendar year.  I knew about the credit.  But, despite loving this hobby and loving travel, I don’t travel much.  At least not compared to you guys.  With buying a house last year and a new baby this year, I really don’t travel as much as I would like.  So the airline fee credit did not register with me and I ignored it as a benefit. Now, if I new my shit, I would have known that you can get an amazon gift card from the United MPX app and the amex fee would be credited towards the gift card.  But I didn’t because I suck.

Anywho, I just figured that out and used my 2016 airline fee credit for $100 gift card to Amazon.  Too bad I didn’t know about this for the 2015 credit.


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  1. I suck like that sometimes too. My favorite was when I sneered (well I hope I didn’t sneer, but anyway) when my husband suggested that even though we didn’t have enough points for the third ticket to Japan that we needed, we could use the points we had “towards it”. Sweetheart, it doesn’t work that way. If you’ve got enough miles with AA, you get the ticket. If you don’t, you don’t. Right? Except that (duh!) I could’ve used those 40K UR that we had to purchase the cash ticket and put the rest on the card. I knew that. But somehow I was so focused on needing the miles to get the ticket, and that UR and AA don’t go together, that I missed out on something so obvious. Oh well. Next time.

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