I’m Done With Miles & Points……..for now

Over the last couple of years this credit card  game keeps getting harder and harder.  The combination of banks tightening approvals and MS getting more difficult is frustrating.  For me, the straw that broke the camels back was when Fred Meyer started cracking down on using prepaids to buy MOs.  As a result I’ve slowed my churning.  To the point where recently I realized I got one new card in the last 12 months.  So I have decided to try something new.

I am going to quit.

Well…for 12 more months anyway.  That will bring me down to 1 card in the last 24 months.  My plan at that point is to the start over like a noob.  Hit Chase pretty hard and max out any other good deals after that.  I then may reassess and see if I want to start the 24 month cycle over again.

When I start over in 12 months I will still have the MS problem but I have some solutions  to that.  First, I will probably still do some MOs.  I don’t really like the whole MO game, it feels too close to a money launderer/scammer but I will probably still continue when I am in a pinch.  Second, reselling is still an excellent MS opportunity so I will max that out. Finally, I still have a bluebird!

I manage to have one bluebird avoid the purge.  Since then I have successfully churned bluebirds without getting shut down.  I will max it out for a 30 day period (preferably cover overlapping two calendar months) and then shut it down. I’ve done this twice now.

Chase here I come.  In 12 months if you could bump the CSR back to 100k it would be much appreciated.

2 Comments on "I’m Done With Miles & Points……..for now"

  1. What was the one card?

    You know your own situation, but are Chase’s cards really worth forgoing a couple thousand dollars in signup bonuses?
    Are you cancelling any of your existing cards? What makes you think any of this will be easier in a year’s time?
    Whatever makes you happy though.

    • The one card was the Arrival+ that I got ahead of our trip to Hawaii in January. Are Chase card’s worth the two year hiatus? Probably not. But I have gotten just about every other lucrative card out there at least once. With Amex’s lifetime language and City’s 18 month restrictions, the time was good since I really only have 12 months to go.

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