Top 5 Travel Essentials

Since I’m a frequent road warrior, I tend to know what to pack and don’t need to pack the night before the trip. I can put together a bag for a 2 day or 1 week trip in less than 15 minutes. For domestic and international travel, I only use a carry on bag and a small personal laptop bag. Here are my top 5 necessities while traveling domestically and overseas in no particular order:


1. A great durable and long lasting suitcase for a road warrior. I just bought a new 20″ Hartmann hardside carry on luggage from Macy’s for $269.99. It was well worth the money since Hartmann has lifetime warranty and has a prestigious heritage brand.

                        13″ MacBook Air

2. A 13″ MacBook Air laptop for its beautiful aesthetics and super long battery life. I love my 13″ Macbook Air because of its superior 7 hour battery life for watching movies on the airplane. When I’m not watching videos, it can provide me with 8-9 hours of battery life when I’m using wi-fi on the plane. I suggest replacing your Macbook Air every year when the new model comes out because if you’re like me, you’re constantly recharging your laptop and battery life decreases with every charge.

                      Louis Vuitton Wallet

3. I can’t leave home without my wallet, but not just any wallet. It’s always a good investment to buy a durable and long lasting wallet. I used to buy Salvatore Ferragamo wallets and I’ve gone through 3 of them in the past 3 years before buying my first Louis Vuitton wallet earlier this year. After heavy usage for the past year, my Louis Vuitton wallet still looks brand new with no frayed edges. Even though I love Salvatore Ferragamo, the wallets I had would have the edges frayed out over time resulting in a beat up wallet.

              Durex Condom

4. You never know when you will need one and when you do, it will come in handy. For men and women, this is self-explanatory so never leave home without one.

          Portable USB Charger

5. I never leave home without a Concept Green Portable USB Charger. This is such a lifesaver for me because you never know when your USB electronics start to go into the red zone. I am a heavy iPhone 5 user and even though the battery life is amazing, I still carry the portable usb charger whenever I’m on the go.




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