The Sights and Sounds of the Dead Sea


This is a continuation from my review during my stay at the Le Meridien Dead Sea which can be found here. The Dead Sea beach is a five minute walk from the Le Meridien and there is an area for guests only which is right across the street from the hotel. There was an attendant on duty, but he did not seem to check if guests were really staying at the property in order to use the facilities. IMG_2165 IMG_2166

Although there was an attendant on duty, there were no towels available for guests to use so I was glad to have brought my own from the hotel. The private beach area was very small and contained shower areas for use when you need to rinse off the rich minerals from the Dead Sea.

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You will need to bring your own Dead Sea mud that can be bought from a nearby local mall since there is no mud for free available at this Dead Sea beach location. The umbrellas on the water seemed to be very worn, ripped, and outdated. This really summed up the Le Meridien hotel experience after finding holes and stains on the chair in my standard room.


I found a YouTube video on the Dead Sea Mineral Beach if you want free mud. You will not find the free mud at the Le Meridien Dead Sea private beach area.

Since the Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth, you can actually float in the water. The water and mud are very rich in minerals that can help rejuvenate your skin which is why many people come to Israel to take advantage of this opportunity. When I went into the water, I immediately felt that the water was very slimy and oily. Afterwards, it felt amazing to float on my back and this is something that everyone should try once in their lifetime.

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  1. Very nice review and looks great – I think I also have to go the the Dead Sea for swimming 🙂

  2. My understanding is that the floating is not caused by elevation, but because the water is so full of minerals its density is higher.

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