Points Summary

Earn a $50 Ticketmaster Cash Code for Every Three Nights Stayed at Starwood Hotels


This year, Starwood decided to team up with Ticketmaster and let members earn unlimited $50 Ticketmaster cash codes for every three nights stayed at Starwood Hotels from April 5 (now) – May 5, 2013. Only paid nights count for this promotion, so cash & points and award redemptions are ineligible.

Promotion Period: April 5,2013 through May 5, 2013Registration Link


Last year, Starwood handed out a $15 Live Nation code for one hotel check-in using Foursquare.


This year, Starwood has partnered up with Foursquare again to let Starwood members earn a $10 Ticketmaster Cash code for one hotel check-in between April 5, 2013 – May 5, 2013.

This promotion is stack-able with the $50 Ticketmaster cash code for every three nights. Sadly, you can only earn a one time $10 Ticketmaster cash code with this Foursquare Promotion.

Promotion Period: April 5,2013 through May 5, 2013 – Link your SPG and Foursquare accounts


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