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How To Request Mileage Credit With American Airlines On A Oneworld Partner Flight


I recently got back from a South America mileage run vacation and noticed that I did not receive credit on a LAN flight from LIM-LAX on April 21, 2013. This is why I always keep my airline ticket stubs while flying internationally. This is especially crucial when I’m crediting the flight to my primary airline (American Airlines) from a oneworld partner airline (LAN Airlines).

LIM-LAX would net me 4,167 EQM ‘s (Elite Qualifying Miles) and 8,334 RDM’s (Redeemable Miles). I value 8,334 redeemable miles to be at least worth $166.68! You bet I won’t let 4,167 EQM’s and 8,334 redeemable miles slip right through me. This is why it’s important to always check your mileage statements after you have finished flying a segment. I know US domestic airlines are good about crediting the mileage the same day or next day at the latest, but international airlines are a whole different animal.

Note that mileage credit requests can be submitted no earlier than 15 days after all travel is completed. To request mileage credit with American Airlines, you will need to visit this link.

Look at your airline ticket stub and fill in the requested information. Note that “Airline Code” is the first 3 digits of your ticket number and the “Ticket Number” are the numbers after the 3 digit Airline Code.

In the comments section, I like to write my ticket details and the date flown with a gratitude of thanks.

Make sure everything is okay before submitting and click “Confirm”.

You should have received an e-mail confirmation stating that they will take up to 10 days on AA operated flights and up to 30 days on partner airline flights.

Unlike other airlines, you do not need to fax or scan your physical airline ticket stub to American Airlines.


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