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Reserving My First and Business Class Meals on American Airlines For An Upcoming International Flight


I am flying from MCO-GIG via DFW and MIA next week since my SWU’s just cleared from a waitlisted state. Now I am able to choose my seating and most importantly reserve my meal on all of my flight segments regardless of FEBO order (Front Even, Back Odd). You can do this on AA.com when you’re flying on First or Business Class on American Airlines. Select Entrée Reservations under Flight Options from your itinerary.

From Orlando to Dallas Fort Worth (MCO-DFW), my meal selection choices are:

Roast Beef Wrap – Offered with vegetable crudité

Chilled Chicken Salad – With pears, roasted beets and goat cheese

Recently, I have had to opportunity to try out both entrees on SJU-MIA from two separate flights.

Both entrees are served chilled and the portions of the Roast Beef Wrap were tiny. I chose the Chilled Chicken Salad since the Roast Beef Wrap was small and left me hungry.

From Dallas Fort Worth to Miami (DFW-MIA), my meal selection choices are:

Cheese Tortellini with Romano Sauce – Homemade tortellini stuffed with three cheeses, topped with tomato, mushroom and mozzarella sauce, Parmesan cheese and parsley.

Herbes de Provence Breast of Chicken – Served with beurre blanc, yellow rice with peppers and sautéed fava beans.

I’ve had the Cheese Tortellini before in the previous years of flying on American, but don’t know how this version is. This dish is also known as Stuffed Shells or a variation of pasta with a large helping of pasta sauce. I opted for the chicken breast since it seemed like a safe option and I’m currently sick of having pasta.

From Miami to Rio De Janeiro (MIA-GIG), my meal selection choices are:

Halibut with Olive Sauce – Lightly breaded halibut topped with a roasted red bell pepper and green olive sauce and fresh cilantro, accompanied by parslied new potatoes.

Manchengo Chicken – Grilled breast of chicken wrapped in Manchego cheese served with a roasted red pepper demi-glace, basmati rice, artichokes and wilted spinach.

Poblano Soup – Roasted poblano with asiago cheese soup

Grilled Beef Fillet – Served with tomato chile sauce, roasted onions and broccoli poblano gratin.

This was a tough choice for me because the Grilled Beef Fillet is my go to dish on American Airlines. Basically, you get served a steak dinner with a dipping sauce and sides all in one dish. The variation of this dish is the dipping sauce and the choice of sides. Recently, I had a Beef Fillet on American Airlines from MIA-LAX and it looked something like this:

Soup was out of the question as an entrée since it will not fill me up. I’ve already had my fair share of chicken dishes, so the Manchengo Chicken dish was out. In the end, I chose the Halibut with Olive Sauce since it was the most intriguing dish on the list. I hardly see fish being served on an American Airlines flight.

From Rio De Janeiro to Miami (GIG-MIA), my meal selection choices are:

Chateaubriand – Tenderloin of beef served with a shiitake Port wine sauce and sautéed zucchini, carrots and bell peppers with fragrant jasmine rice.

Brodetto – A classic Italian seafood stew featuring calamari, shrimp and whitefish simmered in a rich tomato coulis offered with polenta

Seared Rosemary Chicken – Rosemary and orange marinated chicken accompanied by a cauliflower gratin, grilled zucchini and roasted peppers.

Strozzapreti Pasta – With wild mushroom sauce and ratatouille

This was by far the hardest choice since I have never had an of these dishes before. Basically, it came down to a beef dish, seafood stew, chicken, or pasta dish. I went with the Chateaubriand beef entrée selection, but I may change it to the Brodetto.

From Miami to Dallas Fort Worth (MIA-DFW), my meal selection choices are:

Cereal – With milk and fresh fruit

Breakfast Skillet – Scrambled eggs with pepper jack cheese, bell peppers, turkey bacon, corn and black beans and roasted red-skin potatoes

This was a no-brainer since I don’t like cereal and I’ve had my fair share of breakfast dishes on American Airlines. I most recently had two versions of the Breakfast Skillet on my two flights from LAX-JFK and looked something like this:

From Dallas Fort Worth to Orlando (DFW-MCO), my meal selection choices are:

Oatmeal – Steel-cut oatmeal garnished with fresh berries and brown sugar

Strata – Spinach and roasted pepper strata served with herbed potatoes and fire-roasted sausage

I dislike oatmeal, so the Strata was an easy choice. I’ve had the Strata breakfast entree on a recent flight from LAX-IAD (Los Angeles to Washington Dulles) and it was very tasty and it looked something like this:

Since I am reserving my First and Business class meals on American Airlines for an upcoming international flight, I can change my options 24 hours before my flight departs. What options would you have chosen?


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