Points Summary

PointsSummary’s Mid-Year Evaluation and Best Trip Reports of 2013


Basically if you’re reading this, you are somewhat interested in this blog. I started the PointsSummary blog last year in December of 2012. Basically, my yearly goal is to achieve top tier Executive Platinum status on American Airlines by mileage running and looking for fares under 5 cents per mile. That means flying 100,000 miles BIS (butt in seat) a year on American Airlines and its oneworld alliance partners for under $5,000. As far as hotels go, my goal is to achieve 50 nights with Starwood in order to earn Platinum status that comes with 10 Suite Night Awards. I achieve this by looking for BRG’s (Best Rate Guarantee), corporate codes, super low non-refundable fares, and AAA rates.

Here’s a round-up of some major trips and mileage run vacations I’ve taken this year:

Mexico City, Mexico
Tel Aviv, Israel (also includes Jerusalem, Bethlehem (Palestinian Authority), and the Dead Sea)
Shanghai, China – a work in progress
Lima, Peru – Sao Paulo, Brazil – Santiago, Chile
Monterrey, Mexico
Ponce, Puerto Rico
Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Here’s a taste of upcoming trip reports I have planned later this year:

Los Cabos, Mexico (July 2013)
Bogota, Colombia (August 2013)
Helsinki, Finland – Geneva, Switzerland – Nice, France – Monaco, Monte Carlo (October 2013)

Looking ahead – Trips planned in 2014:

Singapore (Feb 2014)
World Cup 2014 in Brazil (June 2014)
Dubai, UAE – Abu Dhabi, UAE – Oman (August 2014)
Taipei, Taiwan (August 2014)

So far, it looks like I will re-qualify for Executive Platinum status with what I’ve already flown and booked for this year. I currently hold Delta Gold Medallion status, but will drop to Silver. I currently hold United Premier Silver and will drop down to a general member next year. Basically I have completely stopped flying on Delta and United and will remain loyal with American Airlines.

My plan for next year is to take more international trips with emphasis on flying on American Airlines and its oneworld partners. I am particularly interested in exploring more of Mexico, Latin America, South America, and the Middle East next year.

Thanks for reading this blog and I hope that my expertise can help you travel better, smarter, and safer.


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