Unveiling the #newAmerican American Airlines Executive Platinum Card


I requested to have a replacement American Airlines card a few months ago and it has finally arrived! I was hoping to get one with the new logo and to my surprise, I received an envelope in the mail from American Airlines.


Inside the letter was a brochure that said Executive Platinum and “2013 Benefits Guide” bearing the #newAmerican logo.


Inside was just the #newAmerican Executive Platinum card and not a “benefits guide” brochure.


I was ecstatic to check out my new shiny Executive Platinum card.


Here’s a comparison of the old Executive Platinum card vs. the new one:


The old Executive Platinum card stands out more as the logos and text are much bigger. The new Executive Platinum card is more clean cut and looks very modern.

It looks great with the new luggage tag I received from a swag bag when I went behind the scenes at DFW with American Airlines last month.



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  1. That card is beautiful. Simplicity = perfection. Love your blog too, btw. Great posts.

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