Play the American Airlines “Planes” Game at LAX and Receive a Free Coloring Book


I flew into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) today from Las Vegas and noticed a short video playing the Disney movie “Planes”.


I took a closer look and saw a few American Airlines personnel set up a pop-up “Planes” Game in Gate 43.


“Explore the sky and get a free gift” was written on the outside.


To play the game, you have to explore the sky using your arms as a controller. Basically it’s like Microsoft Xbox’s Kinect. There is even a scoreboard!

The prize is a brand new American Airlines “Planes” Coloring Book and everyone wins by playing the “Planes” game.


Here are a few pictures of the “Planes” Coloring Book.

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I tweeted American Airlines and they really want me to color it. I think I’m too old for coloring books, but it makes a great collectible.


Will you be visiting the American Airlines Terminal 4 (Gate 43) at LAX for your own “Planes” coloring book?


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5 Comments on "Play the American Airlines “Planes” Game at LAX and Receive a Free Coloring Book"

  1. Jamison, you posted pictures of mixing an unspeakable Bud Light Lime concoction of … something blue and red….

    of course AA was going to assume you would color it.

  2. Will Run For Miles | August 8, 2013 at 6:47 am | Reply

    you can also get a coloring book by playing online

  3. Miles, Points, and Mai Tais | August 8, 2013 at 3:53 pm | Reply

    I want one! I’ll gladly trade someone an Alaska Airlines Aloha Hawaii coloring book! 🙂

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