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The Various Restaurant Eats in Shanghai


Over the course of spending five nights and six days in Shanghai, I probably took more pictures of food than anything else. I mostly had breakfast in the hotels and ate out throughout the day in small portions. This food segment on my trip report is split up into two, the restaurant dining portion and the street food portion. By the way, there is a no tipping culture in Shanghai. What you see is what you pay which is fantastic.

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On my first night in Shanghai, I wanted to try out the famous Xiao Long Bao which is another word for soup dumplings. I found a small family owned quaint restaurant in the side streets of the Bund district that served xiaolongbao.

My total out of pocket cost was under $3 USD for ten soup dumplings. It was delicious and the soup dumplings melted in my mouth.

I was out and about in East Nanjing Road and wandered off to the side streets where the real locals eat. I stumbled upon a small hole in the wall serving noodles.

I looked at the menu and mostly everything was under 15RMB which is ~$2.50 USD.

I had the meatball noodle soup with vegetables for 10RMB ~1.63 USD. It was absolutely delicious and the price was fantastic.

In the Pudong district, I went to the Times Square area and visited the First FoodMall. Basically it’s a large food court and I went into one of the Noodle House restaurants.

I ordered a stewed wild yellow croake with noodle soup for 25RMB ~$4.08 USD. It was my first seafood dish in Shanghai and it was delicious.

Over in the French Concession district, I visited Din Tai Fung. I know there are two in my hometown of Los Angeles, but I have never tried them before. It was my first visit to Din Tai Fung ever.

I had their famous steamed pork Xiao Long Bao and it was 29RMB ~ $4.74 USD for five soup dumplings. To tell you the truth, it wasn’t that great and at almost $1 USD a piece, it was overrated and expensive for Shanghai.

When I stayed at the Twelve in Hengshan, I took the 500 points as my Starwood Platinum amenity and not the breakfast because I wanted to try something different. I wanted to have a local breakfast outside of the hotel for once.

I headed out in the French Concession district and went to KFC. The menu was totally different from what you would see from a traditional KFC restaurant in the United States.

For breakfast, there was no fried chicken to be had. Instead, there were numerous jook (porridge) dishes, noodles, ramen, and egg dishes. I decided to have plain porridge with lettuce (jook) and an oddly shaped egg for breakfast. The jook was amazingly delicious and the egg was forgetful.

In the Pudong business district, I had lunch at the IFC Mall. In the basement of the IFC Mall, there were numerous international dining options. I chose to stay with the local cuisine.

I had their special, the beef noodle soup for 28RMB ~ $4.57 USD. It was delicious and a bit expensive, but this was in an upscale shopping mall. Basically, if the décor in the restaurant is really nice, you will be paying almost the same price for lunch as you would in the US.

In the Pudong district, I had lunch at a Noodle house in the basement of a mall near the Tangqiao metro station.

I ordered the house noodle soup with egg and pork dumplings. Both were equally delicious.

On my last night in Shanghai, I decided to wake up really early to try out the Nanxiang Steamed Buns Restaurant in the Yuyuan Garden Bazaar.

The line was very long, but is worth the wait for their famous xiaolongbao. I had 16 soup dumplings for under ~$3.50 USD. That was a complete bargain and was the best xiao long bao I’ve had on this trip. The price was fantastic and I could see why the locals love it. It’s worth the wait, but come early to avoid the lines.


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