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United Airlines Bait and Switch on Buy Up to First Class Upgrades


Last week, my friend Ceci (@newsceci) was checking in for her flight from SAN-BOS via EWR on her mobile phone.

As she was checking in for her flight segment from San Diego to Newark, she saw a buy-up price of $209 on her phone for a First Class upgrade.

As a novice frequent flyer, Ceci texted me to confirm if it was a good deal. I said $209 for an almost six hour flight from San Diego to Newark transcontinental flight was a complete bargain. That almost equates to $34.83 / hour which is worth it since she had to be at work the next day.

She clicked on the “First upgrade $209” button and it brought her to a new screen where the price changed to $879 for the SAN-EWR segment.

This is clearly bait and switch and she was not pleased. Earlier this week, I wrote about my United Airlines upgrade shenanigans experience after booking an award ticket. I’m having a serious love-hate relationship with United. Has this ever happened to you?


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