Is Cabo San Lucas Mexico Safe for Tourists?


I could not find much information on the internet about the safety in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico prior to my trip. I’m happy to say that Cabo is pretty safe. When I first landed at SJD Los Cabos International Airport, I was a bit underwhelmed as I expected a hectic arrivals hall.

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It wasn’t hectic at all because Los Cabos International is purely a tourist and ex-pat airport. Most of the people on my flight were gringos from North America and some of them actually lived in Cabo.

Everyone who I encountered in Cabo spoke perfect English from the shared shuttle service van to the Mexican restaurant in downtown. When I was staying at the Westin and Sheraton Los Cabos, I almost felt like I was in a North America beach resort.

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The streets are not rural and the Los Cabos highways are paved with no potholes. In addition, there was clear English and Spanish signage on the highway. Los Cabos does not resemble a third world country at all.

There is a lot of talk about drugs in Mexico, but the drug lords don’t trade in Los Cabos. The town is an impractical route for drug lords since Cabo is in the most southern tip of Baja California.

Though if you do travel to Cabo, be aware that you shouldn’t convert your US Dollars to Mexican Pesos. Every shop, restaurant, bar, and local vendor accepts US Dollars as it is their preferred currency. You will receive change back in US Dollars as well and it’s much easier to keep track than Mexican Pesos.

The only thing that I found not safe in Cabo was the ocean current. It is pretty treacherous and there are warnings not to get into the water. Otherwise, Cabo is pretty safe.

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  1. Im an american and I use to live in cabo.
    Outside of the tourist area Spanish is necessary and pesos is the preferred payment. Heck even the movie theater at the mall paradaiso only takes pesos, no dollars.
    Mexico, including los cabos is a developing country.

  2. Cabo along with all of Mexico is in North America.

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