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Why Flying International First Class Doesn’t Make Sense


Aside from the rare International First Class mistake fares, I believe that purchasing or redeeming miles for International First Class doesn’t make sense. Ask yourself these few simple questions: Do you really need that Flagship Suite? Do you really need that lay flat bed? Do you really need to take an onboard shower in an A380? Do you really need that Sparkling Dom or Krug as a pre-departure beverage? Do you really need that caviar or handwritten note by the flight attendant? If you’ve answered yes to any of these, then please go ahead and flame me.

I’m completely satisfied with Business Class where I don’t have that privacy swivel. I’m not allergic to my neighbors. Yes, I might end up in a middle seat in a 2-3-2 configuration in J, but those are #firstworldproblems. I’m actually perfectly happy with an angled flat bed and don’t need a completely lie flat bed. I know some people can’t sleep in an angled flat, but those are #firstworldproblems. I don’t need to take an onboard shower when I can shower at the lounge or hotel before or after my flight. I don’t care about the brand of champagne or wine when I’m flying and I’m happy with the house brand. I’ve never had caviar and it doesn’t even look appetizing. Spare me the handwritten note since it will be thrown away after I sort through my belongings at the end of my trip.

I’ve never flown in International First Class and will probably never will in the near future (unless I get op-upped). As a result, I save miles along the way and use them towards future Business Class redemptions. Yes, I will be doing you a favor by not taking your First Class award inventory, but go ahead and spend your precious miles.


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