You Know You’re a Miles and Points Blogger When…


You know you’re a miles and points blogger when…

  1. You visit CVS more often than your doctor
  2. You dream about the perpetual point machine
  3. You do a cost/benefit analysis on a hotel loyalty program
  4. You hotel hop just to earn stay credits
  5. You re-price a hotel just to save $5
  6. You mileage run for the best cpm
  7. You know that AA doesn’t offer UDU’s for non-EXPs
  8. You know being an SPG Gold member is worthless
  9. Most of your friends are on Twitter
  10. Devaluations are your worst nightmare
  11. You know how to get around the MQD & PQD requirements
  12. You want your readers to click on your affiliate links
  13. You ask readers to call the reconsideration line so you can get an affiliate conversion
  14. Very few comments on a blog post leads to depression
  15. You know readership dies on the weekends
  16. You tell your readers not to carry a balance on their credit cards
  17. You tell your friends that you’re off to an exotic location only for one night
  18. You tell your readers that travel is free
  19. You sign up your parents for credit cards and help them manage it
  20. You constantly worry about the dreaded Financial Review
  21. WordPress is your starting homepage
  22. You go to FTU and Chicago Seminars just to have a presence and promote your blog
  23. You hold Twitter contests just to increase your followership
  24. You get e-mails from newbies asking for help
  25. Your readers want to buy you a drink
  26. You only fly Business and First Class
  27. You know how to keep your miles from expiring
  28. You get excited when your upgrade has cleared
  29. You dread the middle seat on a 2-3-2 configuration in J
  30. You complain about the IFE to get compensation
  31. You complain about a 5 minute delay
  32. You always want to board first to secure overhead bin space
  33. You dislike it when flight attendants serve you a pre-departure beverage in a plastic cup
  34. Dom and Krug are your best friends
  35. You downloaded the CVS app on your iPhone
  36. You complain about the WiFi just to avoid the resort fee
  37. You love it when an award ticket gets mis-coded as a revenue flight, thus earning you miles
  38. You get excited when you trump everyone on the standby list
  39. You know what Gate Lice is
  40. You lift off mileage runs on Flyertalk and re-blog them
  41. You know the angries on TBB
  42. You know a member of The Flight Deal
  43. You get excited when readers mention one of your memorable blog posts
  44. You constantly monitor your Alexa score
  45. You worry about affiliates dropping you for not having enough conversions
  46. You complain about a two minute hold on the elite phone line.
  47. You know how to sneak additional guests into your hotel room without paying extra
  48. You hate nonstop flights
  49. You’re in a constant battle with spam
  50. You complain when your Dom and Krug is too warm
  51. You’re a constant winner on UA’s “Halfway to Hawaii” game
  52. You know that it’s impossible to open the emergency exit during the flight
  53. Most of your friends are bloggers
  54. You dread the “old product” in F and J
  55. You hold DO’s to meet up with your readers
  56. You dread when there’s no TSA Pre-Check
  57. You’d rather walk 15 minutes to another Terminal for TSA Pre-Check
  58. You get upset when you don’t get your suite upgrade and the hotel is still selling suites
  59. Twitter is the fastest way for readers to reach you
  60. You’re used to Delta devaluations
  61. You blew all your HHilton HHonors points on AXON awards
  62. You know that the Alaska Boardroom has a pancake maker
  63. You beg the agent to let you into the Flagship Lounge
  64. You take pictures of the hotel toilet
  65. You Instagram your hotel suite and first class meals
  66. You’ve slept in a car during a mileage run
  67. The ice cream sundae is the best thing you’ve ever ate
  68. You spend your Friday and Saturday nights looking for mileage runs
  69. You mileage run to sit up front for next year’s mileage runs
  70. You’re shocked when you get upgraded on Silver status
  71. You sign up for Accor Platinum status on different e-mail address
  72. You sign up for a status challenge just to get status up front with no intention of qualifying
  73. You know what “miles per minute” mean
  74. You use a Regus Business Center just for free coffee and wifi
  75. Slow WiFi is your worst enemy
  76. You know controversial posts like this brings you a ton of readers

Have I left out any? Please feel free to create your own in the comments section!


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10 Comments on "You Know You’re a Miles and Points Blogger When…"

  1. I’ve only been doing this kind of traveling for about a year and i’ve already done most of the stuff on your list. The one I’m not proud of is sleeping in a car the night before a marathon to get the cost of the mileage run marathon to go down. Also avoid taking a nonstop flight to get there.

  2. You’re the only one happy about a delay on your MR so you can reroute for more miles.

  3. I own #51. I think I’ve won at least one of every prize in the history of the game (to include champagne that I had to give to my parents when I was underage) LOL

  4. You wish you were TheMrPickles!

  5. Not QUITE there yet … but rapidly ticking items off the list 😉

  6. I’m probably gonna regret asking this but what on earth is “gate lice”?


  7. A picture captures the meaning of gate lice (in red) perfectly:

    And yes, this will show up on TBB tomorrow. Things that make TBB laugh are, by nature, very entertaining;-)

    • thanks! Can’t wait to read TBB before I go to sleep tonight

    • Unfortunately sometimes people in red are part of group A. I was taking one of the last AA red-eye flight into JFK from LAX before a snow storm in JFK (JFK closed for a few hours the next day but nothing major) and the plane was filled with PLTs. I was one of the last PLTs to board and I definitely took one of the last overhead bin space on the old 757. I would say at least half if not more of the plane already boarded before me. Only time that’s happened.

      The most annoying is when the gate lice attempts to board. Is there a term for that? There should be some red siren that goes off when that happens.

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