Man Uses Twitter to Relentlessly Assault British Airways about Lost Luggage


One thing I hate about flying is having to check in a piece of luggage that isn’t a carry on size which is 22 inches or below. As a veteran frequent flyer, it is a cardinal sin to check in luggage. Yesterday, a man on Twitter (@HVSVN) flew on British Airways and the airline lost his bag. He tweeted out to British Airways saying that it’s the worst airline since they lost his luggage and can’t even track it down.


He was flying to Europe for work and it absolutely ruined his business trip.


He started using Twitter’s Promoted Tweets service where he wrote “Don’t fly @BritishAirways. Their customer service is horrendous.”


He goes on and relentlessly tweets British Airways about his lost bag and how he will not stop promoting his tweet until his bag is found.

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He is still looking for his lost piece of luggage from British Airways.


It has been 7 hours since the luggage debacle and he has not heard a single peep from British Airways.


He has even gone as far as creating internet Meme’s regarding his situation.

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If you’re reading this British Airways, please contact @HVSVN on Twitter about his lost luggage. As you can see, he really wants his luggage back.


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