30 Things Entitled Frequent Fliers Do…


  1. They sign up for every airline and hotel promo “just in case”.
  2. They mattress run just to “crack the case”.
  3. They do back to back 2cpm mileage runs in order to re-qualify for 1K.
  4. They constantly check their United app to see what # they are on the upgrade list.
  5. Being #1 on the upgrade list leads to an increase in blood flow.
  6. They freak out when there is no executive lounge at the hotel.
  7. Being cleared T-100 hours for an upgrade is a cause for celebration.
  8. Slow Gogo Internet Wifi speed leads to self-destruction.
  9. They get irritated when there is no champagne as a pre-departure beverage choice.
  10. They complain about the lousy airport lounge food.
  11. They complain about a broken overhead light just to receive 10,000 compensation miles.
  12. A $200 VDB bump voucher is no longer acceptable.
  13. Being in a standard room sucks.
  14. Anything less than Dom or Krug is unacceptable.
  15. They’re the first ones in line at the Admiral’s Club thirty minutes before it opens.
  16. They don’t tip the airport lounge bartender for serving them a soft drink.
  17. They complain when there is no TSA Pre-Check.
  18. It’s #firstworldproblems when the TSA PriorityAAccess line is longer than the general public one.
  19. They get dirty looks when they breeze through the TSA Pre-Check lane.
  20. They carry their airline and hotel loyalty cards with them at all times.
  21. Being stuck in coach is like Chinese water torture.
  22. All hell breaks loose when the TSA Pre-Check lane is closed for the night.
  23. They get antsy when they have to wait for anything.
  24. They try to get around paying reciprocal VISA fees.
  25. They know that the complimentary airport hotel shuttle never runs on time.
  26. They never check in a bag.
  27. When IRROP’d, the first thing they do is avoid the gate agent and call the elite line.
  28. They crowd the elite line and try to be first to board in hopes of securing the coveted overhead bin space.
  29. They hope that the hotel “continental breakfast” is actually hot.
  30. They complain about the “slow” Wi-Fi speeds in order to get the resort fee waived.

Are you an entitled frequent flier? Did I miss anything?


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7 Comments on "30 Things Entitled Frequent Fliers Do…"

  1. I know someone who is often guilty of #30… 🙂

  2. You know you nailed me with #3

  3. silver springer | October 1, 2013 at 7:51 am | Reply

    Good job one from me they won’t fly to Asia unless they have a confirmed upgrade

  4. I’m guilty on SOO many accounts. Great post!

  5. Some are hilarious, most are good. A few misses but it’s okay. I think my readers will get some laughs out of it so you are in again!

  6. #firstworldproblems, of which I am guilty of many myself… 😀

  7. ba ha ha! loved this post!

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