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Why Are Foreign Airline Carriers So Stingy on Ice?


I have flown to many places around the world, primarily to Latin/South America on carriers like LAN, TACA, and Aeromexico. I’ve flown on ANA and Thai to Asia. I have also flown Lufthansa, KLM, Turkish Airlines, and most recently Finnair and SWISS to Europe. During my flights on those aforementioned foreign carriers, I noticed that not much ice is given at all when requested.

You actually need to request ice or else they will just give you that warm coke. I requested for ice on SWISS and was given 1 cube for my can of soda. That’s definitely not sufficient enough to make it iced cold (the way I like it).

In contrast, American carriers absolutely love to fill up your cup with ice to the brim and they do it with a smile. Here’s a Vine video on a flight attendant schooling me on how to crush ice:


I don’t know why foreign carriers are so stingy on ice.

Is there a real reason why ice is so sacred on foreign carriers?


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