Unveiling the American Airlines Executive Platinum Elite Credentials


Last month, I crossed the 100,000 Elite Qualifying Miles threshold and re-qualified for American Airlines Executive Platinum status. In July, I blogged about the #newAmerican Executive Platinum elite card. Well, today I finally received the whole Executive Platinum qualification packet in the mail.

aaexpunbox1 aaexpunbox2

Inside the packet, it contained two luggage tags and the Executive Platinum card which expires in February 2015.

aaexpunbox3 aaexpunbox4 aaexpunbox5

There was also an insert on the Systemwide Upgrades Terms and Conditions.


In addition, there were 10 individual employee recognition cards.



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9 Comments on "Unveiling the American Airlines Executive Platinum Elite Credentials"

  1. Congratulations! Still my favorite elite status!

  2. After a long UA 1K and moved to Exp with AA the last 3 years I never look back.


  3. Does this include in the ability to gift someone platnium status? If so, can you please email me. 🙂

    Thank you & love the website,


  4. Congrats! Reminds me so much of the old United *sigh* …even the color of the card and the paper vouchers to hand out to employees. Looking forward to getting my “new” United 1K kit later in the year, but with the way things have been going, I’m not all that excited anymore. Maybe time to join the dAArkside? 😉

  5. UA may not be what it once was but AA is actually more greedy, upgrades are getting harder, with the A319, 777W, and the shrinking space on economy extra. Worst yet are the new coach seats. Now there are reports of those ExPlat with high mileage balances having their accounts reviewed by AA security and AA revenue mgnt to identify any violations of T&C. It never been a more dangerous time to join the dAArkside.

  6. I just hit Exec Platinum on AA. Are they still sending out the luggage tags?

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