Norwegian Wideroe Airlines Codes Mistake Fares as Refundable Tickets


I was going through my Twitter feed this morning when I noticed that Amol, @PointsToPointB mentioned that his fare rule says “REFUNDABLE/CXLFEE/CHGFEE-BG” while nonrefundable United tickets say “NONREF”.


Since my ticket from Wideroe Airlines was confirmed and ticketed, I decided to check the details of my own ticket, which was from LAX-DXB for $271.

uniteddxb3 uniteddxb4

Lo and behold, the fare rule does say REFUNDABLE, so you can theoretically cancel your ticket without penalty. But why would you? Well, it’s there if you need to cancel without penalty for what it’s worth.

Since I am a Premier Silver elite on United, I would also have complimentary premier upgrades on the LAX-SFO, SFO-IAD, and IAD-LAX legs which isn’t too bad. I would take these upgrades with a grain of salt since Premier Silver elites have a hard time clearing these routes.


Another interesting aspect of this ticket is that I would be earning 19,182 award miles on LAX-SFO-IAD-DXB-IAD-LAX not including my Premier bonus! If I was a 1K, I would be earning 38,364 redeemable miles for $271 at an astounding rate of 0.7 cpm.

uniteddxb2 uniteddxb6Will I have any trouble boarding a flight if I mistakenly put Ms. Jamison instead of Mr. Jamison?



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4 Comments on "Norwegian Wideroe Airlines Codes Mistake Fares as Refundable Tickets"

  1. Well, not quite. It is refundable, but you do have a penalty of $300. Given that the fare for K class is $180, that’s not much of a deal. The thing with airline fare rules is that you must know how to interpret them. Any (half decent) agent knows what an airline means – which is not always the same as what they may seem to mean to a layman.

    An agent would have told you that the ticket is effectively non-refundable. Given also that the fare is at the bottom of the fare food chain, any changes would cost $300 …. plus any fare uplift which there probably would be.

    Not too sure why the fare is quoted in NOK … the $180 fare is freely available to anyone, anywhere – it is a published fare…nothing special about it.

    By the way, if you have put MS instead of MR – yes, you do need to fix it … now. United may well charge an admin fee but one has to be careful about these things ESPECIALLY anything to do with in and out of the USA. If you leave it to the last moment, United would be quite within their rights to deny boarding. More so, as you have made the error public.

  2. Yeah, the “CXLFEE/CHGFEE” part kind of nullifies the “REFUNDABLE” part. The “REFUNDABLE” part just means that you’ll get the fare back as cash if you pay the cancel/change fee, not just a travel voucher like usual. If the fare paid is under $300, as you say it is, then it’s not worth cancelling and refunding.

  3. In case anyone whats to know, United does exactly whats listed above when you have to cancel a ticket you thought was refundable. They say “Refundable/CXL FEE/CHG FEE” at the bottom of the ticket, then when you call them they say it will be $300 to get the rest of your money back and no we dont have a receipt and we cant tell you what you just had to pay. Really I asked for United agents and they all said Its not a fee its just something you wont get back.

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