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Have You Ever Used Your Local Gym As An Overnight Hotel Accommodation?


A few months ago, I came across an interesting fitness blog called MyInnerG by Justin McClelland. One of the articles I read from him was “When I Used 24 Hour Fitness as a Hotel. Twice.” Long story short, Justin got a $350 speeding ticket on his way to the World Domination Summit. At that time, he already had a nice luxury hotel booked, but decided to swap his luxury hotel for a drastically cheap accommodation.

Justin had a few options. He thought about Couchsurfing, but he didn’t have time to e-mail back and forth and it was very last minute. In his words, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

He didn’t couchsurf, didn’t sleep in a car, and didn’t sleep in a park. He slept in a 24 Hour Fitness.

Photo Credit: MyInnerG.com by Justin McClelland

He grabbed a yoga mat and knocked out on the floor. Admittedly, he said it was probably one of the worst nights of sleep he ever got. He had a hot shower by using the gym facilities, changed clothes in his locker room, worked out in the gym, and best of all they’re open 24 hours.

Have you ever used a gym as a hotel room?

Read more about Justin McClelland by visiting his fitness blog, MyInnerG and follow him on Twitter @JustinCosmo


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