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My US Airways Club Experience at Charlotte Airport Since the Recent Merger

Earlier today, I wrote about my experiences flying on US Airways since the March 31, 2014 American Airlines/US Airways merger. Between my flight from MIA-CLT and CLT-LAX, I had a three hour layover in Charlotte International Airport (CLT). I’ve never been to Charlotte nor stepped foot in North Carolina. It was my first time at CLT and I didn’t know what to expect. I had to look at the US Airways magazine to figure out how many US Airways Clubs there were at CLT airport. Here is my US Airways Club experience at Charlotte Airport since the recent merger.

I found out there were 2 US Airways Clubs in Charlotte and I proceeded to head to the larger of the two, near the C-D concourse. I knew I didn’t have access to the US Airways Club as an American Express Platinum and Priority Pass Select card holder anymore, but I was on an international itinerary. My 30k Business/First class mixed carrier award was from San Pedro Sula to Miami on American Airlines, followed by MIA-CLT, and CLT-LAX on US Airways.

When I went up to the US Airways Club agent and asked if I would qualify on entering the club, he said that San Pedro Sula did not qualify as an international destination. Basically he had a laminated placard with a list of eligible countries and Central America was not listed. I didn’t know any better or the rules on entering the US Airways Club. Upon exiting, I noticed that there was a Citi Executive AAdvantage MasterCard signup booth. I thought that was a bit cheesy, but I saw many people get denied access into the club because they didn’t know that American Express discontinued access for Platinum members.

I thought to myself, well, I should be entitled lounge access to the US Airways Club now that they’re oneworld and I’m on an oneworld ticket. I looked on AA.com to see their lounge rules and I didn’t see Central America on the list of disqualified lounge entry. I couldn’t find anything on the US Airways Club website about entrance qualifications, so I tried my shot at the second US Airways Club near the B gates.

The US Airways Club at the B concourse was much smaller, but service felt more personalized. The agents were all cheery and delighted to be working at the front desk. I approached the desk with “I’m not sure if I can access this lounge. I flew on American Airlines international from SAP-MIA this morning and I’m an oneworld Emerald connecting through Charlotte. I know it’s a mixed award and unsure of this whole merger process.” She looked at it and granted me entry without hesitation and without referencing the “rules”. In addition, she didn’t scan my boarding pass or anything.

One thing I noticed at this club was another Citi Executive AAdvantage Mastercard Signup booth, just like the one I saw in the C-D concourse. Be sure to sign up for the Citi Exec AAdvantage Mastercard with Brooke at the US Airways Club in the B concourse.

I was blown away by the food selection at the US Airways Club. There were olives, cheese, chips, pretzels, nuts, and soup. The hot soup of the day was mushroom with brie which was absolutely delicious. The selection is so much better than the American Airlines Admiral’s Club.


It was my first time ever at a US Airways lounge as a top tier American Airlines Executive Platinum frequent flyer. I’m digging the US Airways Club at Charlotte as the food selection outperforms a typical American Airlines Admirals Club. I don’t think I’ll be transiting through Charlotte international airport anytime soon, but if you do, check out the US Airways Club lounges.

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