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I got Scammed by an Uber Driver in Los Angeles going to the Airport

Last week I took an Uber to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) for my trip to San Pedro Sula, Hondruas. It was late at night around 9:30pm and I told him I was leaving out of Delta Terminal 5. When the Uber driver took me to the “Arrivals Levels”, I knew I was going to be scammed.

Why would he choose to go to the arrivals level other than the departures level? Because he knew that every flight on Earth was arriving at 9pm and that we would be stuck in traffic going from Terminal 1 to 5. He should have taken me on a more direct route to the upper “departures level” where there was no traffic at all. Traffic = more time wasted = more money in the driver’s pocket.

In the meantime, I got to hear some funny stories from the driver himself while on the job for Uber. Watch the video below:


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