US Airways to Provide Reciprocal Upgrades for American Elites on June 11?

Will US Airways begin to provide reciprocal upgrades for American Airlines elite frequent flyer members on June 11, 2014? I got this information from one of my readers that the US Airways gate agents “aren’t really allowed to grant reciprocal upgrades until June 11th.” Of course, this is totally unconfirmed from US Airways and American, but could very well happen.

Last month I wrote about My Experience Flying Onboard US Airways Since the Recent Merger and My US Airways Club Experience at Charlotte Airport Since the Recent Merger. I always dread flying on US Airways (don’t ask me why), but I just don’t feel at home like I do with American. Perhaps it’s because I’m not used to it yet and I haven’t flown many flights operated on US Airways.

Last month I also wrote, Is US Airways Now Providing Upgrades to American Airlines Elites? In the meantime, there is a solution for American Airlines elite frequent flyers to get complimentary upgrades on US operated flights. The same reader informed me that he recently flew 4 segments on US Airways as an American Airlines Platinum elite member and was 50% successful. His trick is to have a “kind attitude and asking politely made the GAs much more willing to work with me.”  In addition, he mentioned “On the last segment home the GA went to ask his manager (because the system wouldn’t allow the standard upgrade request).”

If you really want that upgrade, be sure to be nice to the US Airways gate agent and kindly mention that you would like an upgrade. The gate agents have the power to process your upgrade, but it’s a hit or a miss. I am looking forward to June 11th and hopefully they’ll be able to let American Airlines Executive Platinum elites apply Systemwide Upgrades on US Airways operated flights as well.


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  1. Stating a rumor as fact without any corroboration is not so useful.

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