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Man Surprises Girlfriend with Wedding on a Plane

A Belgian man from Bruges who holds a day job as a bus driver, responded to a Facebook contest from Thomas Cook Airlines. He was chosen on selection day and was given a chance to surprise his girlfriend with a wedding proposal (and actual wedding) on-board a Thomas Cook airplane. His girlfriend was informed that she won an all-inclusive trip to Ghent and was baffled when the Thomas Cook Airline travel agent asked her if it was okay that this trip be filmed. She agreed to the whole process and it was really tough to keep this a secret for the soon to be husband.

The Belgian man disguised himself as a cabin crew member as he wheeled the service cart towards the front of the cabin where his girlfriend was seated. He proposed to her while the plane was airborne and they had a wedding on the plane. All they people they counted on were also passengers on the plane.

This is truly an amazing story!

Here’s a video that summed up the surprise wedding:

Hat tip to SvenLuckermans

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