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First World Problems on My American Airlines Los Angeles to Miami Redeye Flight

I just got off a transcontinental flight redeye flight on American Airlines from Los Angeles to Miami. I’m currently writing this from the American Airlines Admirals Club in Miami International Airport. I was quite disgusted when I left the plane. Here’s what happened:

Pre-departure drink – I was one of the last ones to board the plane because I had to take a shuttle bus to a remote gate all the way at Tom Bradley International Terminal. I was the last one to take a seat in the First Class cabin and was not offered a departure beverage even though I saw the open bottle of champagne just sitting in the galley. Everyone around me had a pre-departure beverage in hand. The plane was late to depart as well so there was ample time for the flight attendant to offer me a pre-departure beverage of some sort, but she didn’t say a word.

Feet on the Bulkhead – I don’t get why passengers place their bare feet on the bulkhead. It’s quite disgusting and a major turn off in terms of in-flight ambiance.

Food – No menus were handed which I thought was odd for a transcon flight, despite remembering there were three choices to choose from the online meal reservation system.

I had totally forgotten what I had pre-ordered so the flight attendant had to repeat to me what the choices were. I went with the hot item (chicken) and it turned out to look like this:

I was appalled at what was served which I found out was a Pumpkin Seed Crusted Breast of Chicken with brown butter sauce, served with sugar snap peas and sweet mashed potatoes. The soup was horrendous, the bread was cold, and the chicken had no flavor despite the dipping sauce. The dipping sauce was pretty much pure butter which I associate with lobster entrees. The peas and carrots were hard as a rock and were pretty much raw. This was easily the worst entrée I’ve ever had on American Airlines.

Dessert – No made to order ice cream sundae on this red-eye flight which I totally understand. There was only one choice and it was organic three twins sea salted caramel ice cream. Dessert was much better than the entrée.

Snack – There weren’t any freshly baked on board cookies which are a signature item. The only thing that was offered was a whole fruit basket (not snack basket).

Pre-arrival beverage – There was no signature sparkling water with a citrus fruit garnish as a pre-arrival beverage. Instead, the flight attendant handled out a cold beverage. I thought it was some sort of fruit juice at first but couldn’t make it out in the dark. I was weary on what the mysterious drink was and it turned out to be a fruit and yogurt smoothie. I don’t like yogurt so I almost barfed when I took a small sip.

The service on board was pretty lackluster as expected on a red-eye (I don’t blame them). This is quite the contrast from a LAX/JFK transcontinental red-eye flight. I really wish American would fly newer planes to Miami. Next time, I wouldn’t count on having a decent meal onboard a Miami bound red-eye flight. Don’t get me wrong, I love flying on American Airlines and their meals are excellent 99% of the time. This particular flight and meal service just rubbed me the wrong way.

Have you ever had an inedible meal on-board American Airlines?


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