The Sights and Sounds of Downtown San Pedro Sula

There aren’t many tourist activities in San Pedro Sula mainly because tourism doesn’t exist. Gringos come to San Pedro Sula for business reasons only and I was basically the only tourist that I saw during my three day stay. Downtown San Pedro Sula is located in the middle of “The Ring” road and it’s also known as the Parque Central area.

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I walked from my hotel on Avenida Circunvalacion, then to Boulevard Morazan and finally reached Parque Central. Parque Central is the city-center of San Pedro Sula where many locals come to congregate.


Across the street from Parque Central is the beautiful Catedral San Pedro Apostol.


There are a lot of pedestrian only alleyways filled with shops and restaurants.

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There is also an indoor shopping center called Mall Pasaje Valle.


Most of the streets near Parque Central are filled with street vendors hawking their wares. This is the best place to buy cheap clothing and electronics.

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There was also a seedy area near the railroad tracks where you can find more shopping. I did see some prostitution going on around this area as well.

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Thankfully there are a lot of cops during the daytime to keep things safe in the most dangerous city in the world. I wouldn’t come here at night past 6pm since it could be dangerous, but I found it perfectly safe during the daytime.

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This video sums up my experience in downtown San Pedro Sula:

Afterwards, I took a taxi to City Mall where I hung out for the rest of the day before walking back to my hotel.


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